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NBR: Cat hair solutions?

I have a dark grey fabric couch set in my living room and I canNOT get all the cat hair off of it! I've googled remedies like using a rubber glove, damp washcloth, etc.. The vacuum only takes some of it off so I'm pretty sure the rest is weaved into the fabric. The only thing that's gotten close to removing most of it is using strips of packing tape and doing small sections (but seriously... Who wants to do that every time??). I cover it with blankets now when nobody is over to save some effort but I don't want all this cat hair around when I have a newborn. Maybe I should just embrace the fuzzy couch and pretend it's another cat?
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Re: NBR: Cat hair solutions?

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  • Coming from someone with 5 cats... lol. I have a couple solutions that have lowered the visible hair on my furniture and curtains considerably! 

    1. Get a scratching post they can lay on, and lose their shit. They'll spend a hell of a lot less time on your sofa.
    2. Buy a good brush, not just a "good" brush, but one that will last you years and costs a little more. Brush them at least every 3 days. Write it on the calender if you have to.
    3. Use unscented baby wipes on them weekly (or even bi-weekly) to get straggler hairs (reduces allergens too, yay!)
    4. Scotch fur fighter + a good vacuum (dyson animal is A+++) will get the deep down hairs stuck in the couch. 
    Yes, I do this. It actually works. Nothing will stop them from lounging all over my area rug, so I deal.
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  • Slaps said:
    Have you tried used dryer sheets?

    No, I don't think I've tried those. Adding to the list. Thanks! @courtd2‌ Great ideas! I've never heard of the scotch fur fighter so I'll have to pick some up. Too bad we can't vacuum the cats themselves...
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  • We got the FURminator for brushing and it is awesome. Does a better job than other brushes.

  • Have you considered slip covering your couch? Then you could just take off the slipcover and wash it. Might work while LO is tiny at least - when they get a little older and start getting into their own dirt anyway you could pitch it.

    I say this, but I totally won't slipcover mine (I have a dog), I hate the look. I do keep a blanket draped over the back so I can wash that, though. Same idea, less surface area...
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  • I have blankets on our couches (same color as the couch) that I wash every few days. I also have a Pledge fabric sweeper that is amazing. I use that on the dining room chairs.
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  • One of my cats sheds like CRAZY and my boyfriend's nephew is allergic to cats. Before he comes over we furminate the cats, vacuum, lint roll, and spray everything with the febreze allergy reducer. It helps a lot. The lint roller will get the remaining hair off after you vacuum quicker than tape. And if you use the furminater on your kitty every few weeks it helps get a lot of their extra hair off.
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