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Wonder Weeks

I don't know if anyone still follows this app but if your LO starts throwing major temper tantrums and acting out - they could be in the leap that we are in now that is just killing me.

Apparently in this leap they learn they are an individual and they can change the way things happen around them by their behaviors

"With the tenth leap, 75 weeks after due date, or more easily said, 17 months, your toddler gets the new ability to perceive and handle “systems.” He is now able to see clearly over the world of principles. He no longer applies principles as rigidly as before. He is able to adjust his principles to changing circumstances. He also starts to understand that he can choose how he wants to be: honest, helpful, careful, patient, etc. Or, he could choose to be just the opposite. From off this age you can see him develop the earliest beginnings of a conscience by systematically upholding his values and norms."

I always feel better when I have some sort of 'reason' as to why my child is acting like a fool. Wanted to post this in case anyone else felt better with a reason :)

oh and PS...this leap is like 35 days long. yikes 
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Re: Wonder Weeks

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    Oh no! 35 days long! I swear my DD has become more crazy the past few days... only about 30 dayd to go... lol. She is definitely not choosing to be "honest, helpful, careful and patient"... she took the other route. She is so frustrated with everything and today for the first time she actually growled when she was playing because she got so mad... she has always been a toy thrower too. I remember this stage with my son and it sucked and he was such an easy baby and toddler. I am so scared.... lol.
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