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Polyp outside of cervix

Anyone else a FTM that has a polyp outside of their cervix? Mine sent me to my Dr. twice already due to light bleeding and put me in a panic! They told me it's normal but usually women will get them after the baby is born. Anyone else having this experience?

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  • No experience, but I hope it stops causing issues.
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  • They said they would wait to remove it so I hope it doesn't bleed too much from here on out! Glad I am not the only one that has it, I was a little worried :)
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  • I had a cervical polyp when I was about 16.  I wasn't pregnant at the time, and it was no big deal to remove. It did cause spotting the entire time I had it, hopefully that won't be the case for you. 


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  • My midwife found one on my first appointment and she said we could remove it once the baby's born. 
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  • STM here, doc found a polyp on my cervix around 11 weeks when she checked me for spotting. As others have said it'll be removed after baby is born, 99% aren't cancerous but it'll be tested to be sure. I still spot on occasion, my doc said not to worry unless its heavy spotting to period type bleeding. My doc also mentioned that this is extremely common in pregnant women if that makes you feel better :-)
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