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You Know You're Super Pregnant When... drop your body wash in the shower and have an internal conflict about whether or not using soap is REALLY that important before work.

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Re: You Know You're Super Pregnant When...

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    When you break not one, but two pairs of shoes within an hours time!! The sole ripped completely off the rest of the shoe on eachajr. Time to get new shoes after this baby is here. My feet are so swollen only flip flops and some sandals will work.

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    ...when customs/passport control says "you look different" than your passport picture. Sorry my flight made me exhausted and puffy. I was all dolled up and super excited to get my first passport when I took that picture, now I'm tired and just want to get home. Thanks for that ego boost.

    and ditto to all the t-rex arms, extreme effort to get out of the seated or laying down positions, and bladder problems. 

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    When your feet are so swollen, they no longer feel anything even the pile of dog poop you stepped in. The only clue is the awful smell rolling off of you. 
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    When you work in a professional atmosphere and everyone has just accepted yoga pants (or as DH calls them 'stretchy pants') as the office norm for you, unless you have a client, then you can expect to be presentable for only those hours with stretchy pants on hand for meetings closure.

    @MrsLaLaBug, also when you stand like a man. had dh take my weekly update this week and was appalled when i saw them! i looked like i was a large football player ready to take my stance but with bad posture. no bueno

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    When you have to put everything down so you can push your elf out of a chair or off the couch.
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    kmbk27kmbk27 member
    edited August 2014
    When you are at a car show and can no longer lean in through the window to hear the stereo system because your belly keeps running into the side of the car.

    ETA: And I was not about to try and climb up into an Escalade.

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    KATILLAC1 said:

    SEK1114 said:

    When you're shopping and people take extra wide paths to get around you like you're big or something.

    I assumed that happened to me because I looked like I would stab them... I've been feeling stabby lately.

    That actually could be the reason instead.

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