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Anger and biting

Anyone else have a toddler with anger issues? She is sweet as pie most of the time, but when she gets mad she wants to bite whomever or whatever offended her -- iPad, cup, dog, etc. thoughts, suggestions, commiserations? I mentioned it to the doctor and she said "oh, it's a little early for that."
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Re: Anger and biting

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    I'm in the same boat too. B only bites me when he is angry but his has a real pissy attitude at times.  When I mentioned it to both our pedi and daycare provider, they said it was normal especially if a child is around children a little older.  My daycare provider assured me that he doesn't do it at daycare though so I guess its just a problem at home. 


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    No biting out of anger, just banging his head on the floor.
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    No biting out of anger, but he's become quit a hitter out of frustration, excitement, whatever... and the screaming tantrums the past few days are really something else.  It makes ME want to cry.
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    No biting, but occasional hitting and throwing. It's just a stage. It must be frustrating to not have words yet. I try not to let it get under my skin and quickly just redirect to change to channel (although, I must give him props for putting on quite a stellar pissy face when he wants to)
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    I am just glad she hasn't tried to bite a person other than me. When she grabbed the dog's face it was hilarious. The dog licked her in the mouth and that really threw her off. She has also mastered the screaming tantrum. She gets so mad and stands on her tip toes and just let's loose. The neighbors must think I am a terrible mom.
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    We are in the same boat.   Normally he only bites either his 12 year old sister or the couch.  He is mulit lingual considering he can and will beat his head on the floor or throw things. It all depends on what has upset him and what mood he is in, beating, biting, or throwing. LOL

    I try to ignore it unless he is biting then I say a stern "NO" and redirect him.
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