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Boobie Tuesday (EBF/EP/milk check in)

Hey ladies! Welcome to Boobie Tuesdays.  I'll note all ladies who respond for future check in tagging.

1.  Intro.  Who are you and LO's.  

2. How's the journey of breastfeeding so far?   Did you have to  pump, nipple sheild etc

3.  Current issues (maybe one of us can help!)

4.  What's your favorite part about BF/EP?

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Re: Boobie Tuesday (EBF/EP/milk check in)

  • I'll play! I used to be Allisen86, not super active but I'm tryig to be better now that I got my first name out of my user name. LO is Michael-6 months or those on mobile.
    My BF->EP was not my favorite transition. M was born 7 weeks premature and spent 22 days in the NICU so we weren't able to avoid bottles in the beginning. He picked up nursing (with the help of a nipple shield) a few days before he left the NICU, and was doing great with it...until he had to have an emergency surgery at 6 weeks old. He had a hard time recovering from the anesthesia and had to remain intubated for an extra day. After that he refused to nurse properly. We did weighed feedings and he was only getting .5 -1oz at a time. We then tried the SNS for a few weeks hoping once he got his strength back he's be back to normal. Somehow the little stinker figured out how to work around actually nursing with the SNS on and would only get the milk in the SNS. It was a hard pill for me to swallow but I finally gave in and have been EP ever since.
    My favorite part about EP is the cost! (or lack thereof)

    ***************************************Child mentioned********************************************

    Me 28 DH 32

    TTC naturally 05/2011-10/2012= All BFNs

    Nov 2012 Jan 2013 Clomid= BFN

    IVF #1 scheduled for April 2013 Stims started 04/09 ER 04/19/2013- 26 Retrieved and 24 Fertilized 3 day Fert Report- 10 are 8 cell ET cancelled-all embryos arrested at day 3

    IVF #2 scheduled for June 2013 -Transferred 1 day 5 Blast

    07/04/2013 HPT- BFP! Beta 10dp5dt-35Beta 12dp5dt-82 Ultrasound 6 weeks 4 days- Heart rate 123bpm!!

    image  image

    Team Green turned Team BLUE!!!

    Baby M born premature at 33 weeks 5 days, he spent 22 days in the NICU before coming home!

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  • 1) Kacie & Jamison
    2) BF + Pumpin @ work. She gets two bottles while I'm gone and one bottle overnight. I nurse for first breakfast, supper, and dinner/going to bed for the night.
    3) she has gotten a bottle for any feedings between 12am and 6am (which is on average about 8pm-6am) for 5 weeks now. still no ppaf. boo. 
    4) I love that last feeding of the day when rock gently and she nurses til she's drowsy.... then I get to be a cuddle whore.
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  • My lo is mia. She's just on the boob. I tried pumping for a month to try to build a stash and ended up giving the milk to my nephew. I hated pumping with a passion. Hats off to all the moms who pump.

    I love when she's kinda groggy and not too hungry but hungry enough that she makes the cutest faces trying to latch. Her eyes are closed and sometimes she will start sucking as though she's latched even though she isn't. ❤️
    bennieangel[Deleted User]YankeePeach08Missfunball
  • @babycaps‌ I pump roughly 1-2 bottles ahead. I need 18oz for 24 hr period in bottles. The milk I pump first in the morning is used tomorrow evening

    So... Pump1 is feeding 3 and part of the next days feeding 1. Pump2 is the rest of 1 and feeding 2. Does that make sense? It helps on bad pump days so I can throw in an extra session.
    I'd start fenugreek.
  • Who are you and LO?
    - SurpriseAt39 @ Isaac

    How's the journey of breastfeeding so far?
    - All is going well. I've got enough without leaking too badly or feeling engorged overnight when LO sleeps a little longer than usual.

    Did you have to pump, nipple sheild etc?
    - No pumping (yet), no shield, no issues.

    Current issues (maybe one of us can help!)?
    - LO eats about every 2-ish hours during the day. It means if I'm alone with the kids and want to shop that I: 1) stay close to home, 2) might have to feed him while I'm out and keep a toddler occupied at the same time.

    What's your favorite part about BF/EP?
    - No charge! Free! Always with me, no forgotten bottles!! Snuggles. Quiet time. I get to rest while feeding.

  • Nice I'm in!

    1. Who are you and LO's.
    Megs and my LO is Fiona born March 11th!

    2.How's the journey of breastfeeding so far? Did you have to pump, nipple sheild etc

    I had an unplanned csection with Fi which I think messed up my initial milk production - those first few days were terrible. Over the first six weeks I pumped 20 mins after each feeding. I'd put her to the breast for at least 10 minutes then supplement with finger feeding (ugh terrible) and formula.

    Then moved onto a nipple shield when more milk came in (thank you supplements) and bottle supplement. Whole thing would take at least 30-45 mins! We got her tongue tie clipped (immediate difference) and visited umpteen millions lc's and visits with my midwives. I tired everything my midwives could come up with and had decided to give it one last try before changing to exclusivly formula.

    Then one day decided to wean her off the shield and see how much she'd eat and bam! She ate like a champ in 15 minutes! After a week or so we were completely shield free and she is off formula. Her suck and feeding have increased/ maintained my supply along with herbal supplements except for a blip with the mini pill(which messed with my supply)

    I have also had to give up cows milk as she is sensitive to it and she's on probiotics.

    3.Current issues (maybe one of us can help!

    Nothing right now. I feel like we've hit a sweet spot with breastfeeding at the moment. She's going through the four month grab bag of fussiness/leaping/sleep regression/growth spurt right now.

    4. What's your favorite part about BF/EP?
    I really enjoy the binding nature if it, just something that Fi and I can share. This might sound silly but I feel powerful with my ability to breastfeed! I can just whip it out and voila! Food!

    I also didn't have anywhere near the birth process I wished for so I tried realy hard to succeed at breastfeeding. I think my ability to BF has gone a long way to helping me cope/get over my csection and any regrets I may have had.

    Thanks for starting this! It'll be great to hear everyone's stories!
  • 1.  Intro.  Who are you and LO's.  Dannie, and Lucas

    2. How's the journey of breastfeeding so far?   Did you have to  pump, nipple sheild etc Doing good I've been lucky. 

    3.  Current issues (maybe one of us can help!)Distractions, he is so curious these days. 

    4.  What's your favorite part about BF/EP? That I don't need to think about it. I just pop him on when he wants it. 

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  • Count me in!

    1.  Intro.  Who are you and LO's. 

    My name is Jasmina, LO is Dominic.


    2. How's the journey of breastfeeding so far?   Did you have to  pump, nipple sheild etc

    Breastfeeding has been great so far. There were definitely times in the very beginning when I wanted to chop my boobs off! I guess I just wasn't mentally or physically ready for how OFTEN he would want to nurse early on. But he now eats about ever 3.5 to 4 hours, and he goes all night (8:30pm to 6am) without eating, which has been wonderful. Dom is 5 months now, and I've been back to work since he was 10 weeks old. So I've been pumping two to three times per day since then. That's been a bit of a challenge. I've seen a slight drop in my supply, but nothing too significant. He takes bottles just fine thankfully.


    3.  Current issues (maybe one of us can help!)

    Since my supply HAS taken a slight drop, I've had to supplement with formula on occasion. I use what I pump in one day for his bottles the next day. He takes two 5.5-ounce bottles while I'm at work (11 ounces total), and sometimes at work I only pump 8 or 9 ounces. So for his two bottles the next day, I'll mix in a little bit of formula. He doesn't seem to notice the difference though. He eats up every drop. I do wonder if that's okay that I don't give him formula more regularly. Sometimes it's one day in a week, sometimes it's three times in a week. Sometimes it's only 1 ounce, sometimes it's 3 ounces. I hope I'm not messing with his system or anything by being so irregular with formula. So if any of you know anything about that, lemme know!

    Lately, I have been entertaining the idea of just giving up. I go back and forth a lot. I love love love nursing, but at the same time, I hate the commitment involved. It seems like any plans I make are revolved around his eating schedule. I always have to consider if he's going to be with me or not, and if he's not with me I have to figure out what to do as far as pumping goes. And I HATE pumping. I do it at work because I really have no choice. But I HATE HATE HATE pumping on the weekends. So that's been a struggle. If I go somewhere without LO, I have to pump. So I end up avoiding going anywhere without him! I know I'm being selfish, but I miss my social life!!!


    4.  What's your favorite part about BF/EP?

    I love the bonding time with LO. It's something that only he and I share together, and I love it. I also love that it kinda gives me time to relax. He likes to take his sweet time nursing, so I just kick back and watch TV for a nice half hour or so. I also love the way he looks at me when he's nursing. His big blue eyes melt me!


  • 1. Intro. Who are you and LO's.
    - I'm Tiffany & LO is Camden born April 8th.

    2. How's the journey of breastfeeding so far? Did you have to pump, nipple sheild etc
    - so far BF is going great, I EP and I get around 35oz per day which leaves me 15oz or so to freeze each day

    3. Current issues (maybe one of us can help!)
    - none at this time

    4. What's your favorite part about BF/EP?
    - FREE food!! :) I really enjoy EPing because when LO is hungry anyone can feed him and I don't have to be the only physical source (if that makes sense). It takes me about 10mins to pump 4x per day and then I am "free" to do other things. I EPed for a year with DS1 and I swore I wasn't going to do it with DS2 cuz I hated the pump but after 3 wks of exclusive nursing I realized pumping was just for me vs. nursing. I guess I have a love/hate relationship with the pump but I am glad that I am able to provide enough BM for LO and then some.

    Lilypie - (rVtP)Daisypath - (hJ7A)Lilypie - (mHiG)

  • 1. Intro. Who are you and LO's.
    My LO is Abigail and she is 4.5 months old.

    2. How's the journey of breastfeeding so far? Did you have to pump, nipple sheild etc
    Breastfeeding sucked for the first three months! I had inverted nipples (not anymore!) and it hurt so bad the entire time she was feeding. It's so much better now. She feeds every 2 hours during the day and usually once at night. I pump twice at work and get 12ish ounces, which is as much as she takes with the sitter. Starting next week, though, she will be at the daycare on campus, which means I get to see her during the day and I don't have to pump at work anymore. I'm so excited!

    3. Current issues (maybe one of us can help!)
    Definitely the distraction. I used to be able to carry on a conversation while nursing, but now I have to be silent or LO pops off to look around. She also likes to stick her foot in my armpit.

    4. What's your favorite part about BF/EP?
    I love the smiles full of milk when she pulls off. It's like we have a special secret together.

  • 1. Hello I'm Mati & my super cool little dude is Maverick.

    2. Our journey with breastfeeding is going well. Initially we had latching issues & I had to use a nipple shield due to flat nipples. Then around month 3 while on vacation I lost the shield & so we started our transition to shield-free nursing. LO didn't even skip a beat & I was relived that I had one less thing to remember to pack in the diaper bag.

    3. My current issue & really it's just an ongoing thing I've learned to deal with is cracked nipples. It's just my left-side & it's pretty much been like his since I started nursing shield-free. I've tried all the creams & salves but nothing completely cures it. I've learned to tough it out & just be grateful that LO's nursing sessions are down to about 10-15 minute increments.

    4. Hands down my favorite part of nursing is the incredible bond it's allowed LO & I to build. When he gazes up at me while eating & gives me a milky grin or the way he instantly relaxes after a particularly fussy moment once he latches fills me with a wonderful sense of pride. I'm giving this amazing little being everything he needs during those moments & I feel so fortunate to share the experience with him.
  • 1. Intro. Who are you and LO?
    Rachel and kinley- 6 months yesterday!

    2. How's the journey of breastfeeding so far? Did you have to pump, nipple sheild etc
    Nipple shield! On it until end of June (5 months). I hated that thing and cried many tears trying to get Kinley off it, especially when she regressed. But now all is good!

    My schedule is really inconsistent so I just pump when ill be gone, usually twice a day. Maybe an extra time here or there if I was short the last couple days. But I usually have no problem keeping up with her.

    3. Current issues (maybe one of us can help!)
    Distracted so easily! And her top hand wanders/moves around so much that she makes nursing harder on herself.

    4. What's your favorite part about BF/EP?
    I love that my body is able to nourish my daughter. Plus the cuddles! And it's free!

    Kinley Diane
    Born 2/4/14
    Weighing 6 lbs 10 oz and 20 inches long

  • 1. I'm Jen (surprising, I know!) and LOs are Rhys and Audrey

    2. Because they were early (33 weeks) they were tube fed to start, then transitioned to a bottle and the breast. I started hand expressing and pumping shortly after they were born, used a shield with Audrey for a while (she was bigger than Rhys, but a super lazy feeder at the beginning) and took domperidone to increase my supply the first week. Plus I saw a couple LCs in the NICU to help figure out tandem feeding.

    3. Currently things are going pretty well! Nipples are good, supply seems fine and babies are growing! I'm still at home (yay Canada!) so I haven't had to worry about pumping unless I'm going to be away from them. Which is good. I hate pumping. So. Much.

    4. With twins and a 3 year old BFing forces me to spend one-on-one time with each baby multiple times a day. I usually only tandem feed first thing in the morning, otherwise it's on demand. Also it's saving me a ton of money in formula costs!

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  • 1.  Intro.  Who are you and LO's.
    My name is Amy. DD is Brylee. <3 </b>  

    2. How's the journey of breastfeeding so far? I am so thankful that we have had really great success EBF. Of course, the first couple weeks were rough but we made it!   Did you have to  pump, nipple sheild etc

    I have to pump while I work to keep up with her demand.3.  Current issues (maybe one of us can help!)

    No issues. Some days I notice it's hard to keep up my pumping supply with LOs demands but the more hydrated I am, the better. 4.  What's your favorite part about BF/EP? My favorite part is the bond that no one else can have with her. I enjoy the cuddle time. She's also started rubbing my face or boob while nursing. It's so nice to feel the reciprocated love. I'm so happy that I made the choice to EBF.

  • By the way, thank you @Missfunball‌ for starting the thread. Reading these is making me emotional. Breastfeeding is such a beautiful thing.

  • 1.  Intro.  Who are you and LO's.  
     I'm Faith and the littles are Dominic and Vincent
    2. How's the journey of breastfeeding so far?   Did you have to  pump, nipple sheild etc
      We are EBF. I was very lucky to not have any issues with latching, over supply or under supply. I also EFed DS1 so I knew what to expect.
    For a while around weeks 4-10 I was pumping after a few of the feeds to build a little stash but it seemed sooo time consuming so I stopped. We were giving the boys 1-2oz via bottle after the evening nursing session with a probiotic but stopped that around 12 weeks as they no longer needed the probiotic. At their 4 month appt. the pedi wanted us to try offering a few oz after each feed b/c they are on the smaller side (3rd and 5th %) but they have ZERO interest in bottles now.
    3.  Current issues (maybe one of us can help!)
      Everything is going really well, although we are also going through the distracted phase.
    One weird thing that actually just started today is that my right boob leaks a little if I'm feeding on the left. It did that during the first 2 weeks but since then I havn't even worn a breast all of a sudden righty is gettin all anxious and blowing a load when lefty is working. weird!

    4.  What's your favorite part about BF/EP?
      I love that it is free, convenient (usually) and doubles as a great way to sooth the babies. I'm also not gonna complain about calorie burn.
      My favorite part is when I tandem feed and the babies hold hands.
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  • 1.  Sanibel21 and N

    2. Our breastfeeding journey has gone well and I am very grateful. I pump about once a day/every other day, just to have a little stash and keep up supply. 

    3.  Just a little concerned about supply. LO seems to feed quicker which could be her being more efficient. But she has been waking more often at night, and I'm hoping it's just sleep regression or teething. How many times between going down and waking for the day do ya'll feed LO?

    4. I love the bonding/snuggles. I love that my body grew her in my belly and now my body is growing her outside my belly. I love that in her world, my breast only means nutrition and comfort.

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  • I love reading all your stories! You people get me!

  • @sanibel21
    we're over the hump of the 4 month shitshow. and now back to normal of: bedtime between 7-8:30; 1 wake up a night (usually 1-2am or a random 12am or 3am). She requires a minimum of 4oz to sleep the rest of the night til 6am. we do a bottle for the overnight.

    *bottles during the day are 5-6oz
  • 1.  Intro.  Who are you and LO's.  I'm Megan, LO is Ezra.

    2. How's the journey of breastfeeding so far?   Did you have to  pump, nipple sheild etc
    It's been kind of rough, harder than I expected.  I nursed my first for 18 months and while we had our challenges along the way, I've had more challenges in this short period of time, and I guess I just thought having done it once before, it'd be a little easier this time.  His latch has always been a little crappy, he always compresses the nipple just a little bit, and early on I was having extremely painful vasospasms for hours after every feeding that had me in tears.  I started using the shield and that helped immensely, and eventually we were able to wean from it and the vasospasms went away.  But I'm pretty sure he's lip tied and that explains a lot, but hasn't been officially diagnosed by anyone.  I pump at work and nurse at home.

    3.  Current issues (maybe one of us can help!)
    Right now we are battling thrush for a month, a milk blister, and then the vasospasms are back because of the pain associated with the thrush and milk blister.  We are at the end of the course of diflucan and while I'm pretty much better, his tongue is still funky today, so I'm worried it's going to come right back.  Gentian violet seems to be the only thing that helps his mouth really, but as soon as we stop it, the thrush is back the next day.  I think I stop the gentian violet too soon when it seems like things are better so I'm going to continue it a few more days.  I'm also boiling everything, washing clothes on hot, rinsing with vinegar, using grapefruit seed extract topically and orally, started probiotics, and we also both did nystatin.  I'm also taking lecithin for the milk blister and wearing olive oil soaked cotton balls in my bra.  It's extremely overwhelming to be doing all this and have it keep coming back, and sometimes I'm in so much pain.  I messaged a friend of mine the other day that I was having a breastfeeding crisis of faith because of the pain and the whole regimen of trying to fix these things.  My goal has always been a year, but if this continues, I'll be lucky to make it to 6 months.  I'm pretty stubborn and prideful, so I can't imagine quitting, but it is really draining.

    4.  What's your favorite part about BF/EP?  I love reconnecting with him after a day apart.  He could have just had a bottle, but he's so eager to nurse when we get home.  I love how he kind of pats mes while he nurses.  I love the little sleepy noises he makes when I dream feed him.  I love how much weight I'm losing while still eating a lot!
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  • babycaps said:

    @talee1989‌ I must admit I'm super jealous of your supply. I have to pump for 20-30min to get 4-5oz. So I have to pump A LOT. I guess that is my challenge. But there is no fixing it. I use hospital pumps and and have been observed by several LCs. Nothing to do to fix.

    Oh gosh don't be jealous..You're doing the best you can and that's all that matters! I am fortunate to have the supply that I have and sympathize with the people who try so hard and still don't get enough. I don't usually talk about my supply much because my sister is also nursing and gets just enough for her LO and I see how much it stresses her out! Sounds like you're doing all that you can and that's great! Keep up the good work mama! :)

    Lilypie - (rVtP)Daisypath - (hJ7A)Lilypie - (mHiG)

  • @benniea‌ ugh I miss cheese. I've found that almond milk is an ok substitute and will be trying goats milk next grocery shop cause almond milk just isn't cutting it for me:) she's sensitive to soy too. At any rate I've tried goats milk Brie and feta which were great. I also am trying to incorporate more protein via quinoa salad and protein enriched bread. Cheese and yogurt were totally my snacking staples so it's been difficult. I used to pair fruit with cheese but now it fruit With peanut butter to get the energy boost. If I find any good recipes I'll share, but nothing yet:( just starting to actually figure it out.

    @babycaps I take fenugreek and blessed thistle 3/3x a day. Blessed thistle increases appetite and thirst thus makes you drink more water. For a boost I drink lactation tea ( which is not my favourite, tastes like black liquorice) and put LO to the boob more often to up supply!
    Good luck!
  • 1.  Intro.  Who are you and LO's.  
    I'm Kate and LO is Julian

    2. How's the journey of breastfeeding so far?   Did you have to  pump, nipple shield etc
    It's been easier than I expected. It took a little while to get the hang of it but now it's so easy for us that sometimes I forget what I'm doing and I look around trying out figure out where the baby is (Just me? Anyone?)

    3.  Current issues (maybe one of us can help!)
    None right now but I go back to work on the 18th and will need to figure out a pumping schedule. I only pump sometimes in the morning now (feed one, pump the other) so I can leave LO with my husband for an hour or two.

    4.  What's your favorite part about BF/EP?
    I'm cheap and this is much cheaper than formula feeding. The snuggles can be awesome too even if sometimes I feel a little tied down.
  • 1. Katy and Charlie

    2. It's going pretty well. He's been good at latching since day 1, so that's been great. We have made it through cutting 3!!! teeth, him refusing to nurse because of hand, foot and mouth disease, and a clogged duct.

    3. I don't pump and he doesn't get bottles, so I guess my biggest challenge is my lack of alone time. He's also eating every 2-3 hours around the clock, so I am tired. Luckily he's a quick eater.

    4. My favorite part is the bonding time and when people comment on how big he is.


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  • 1. Linda and Evan

    2. How's the journey of breastfeeding so far? Did you have to pump, nipple shield, etc

    It was really rough in the beginning. Evan was in the NICU for 3 days because the cord was wrapped around his neck. They wouldn't discharge him until he gained weight so we gave him formula because my milk hadn't come in. LC gave me a nipple shield and we did some SNS too. Within 2 weeks of being home he was off of formula. Took 4 weeks and a frenulum clip to get off the nipple shield. Had a very unhappy left nipple for those 4 weeks. Been pumping since the beginning. LC told me to pump after every feed in the beginning. Was a real pain but I think it helped with me sticking with it. At about 5 weeks I started freezing 2-4 oz a day.

    3. Current issues (maybe one of us can help!)
    Nothing currently. Back at work, supply is good, freezing about 15 oz a week still.

    4. What's your favorite part about BF/EP?
    Not washing bottles, being close to my boy. Being able to instantly feed him with no prep. DH is jealous of that

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  • 1. I'm A and LOs are C and A.

    2. Our bf journey has gone surprisingly well. The twins are my first and second, so no previous experience. They were in the nicu for 5 days and I EP their first 3 weeks. I knew I wanted to eventually tandem feed, and that's about the time I got brave enough to try. They've both been ebf since.

    3. We're also dealing with distraction, and pinching as well as at least one hand in my armpit per session. No big issues thankfully.

    4. I love that it's free! I also really like the convenience of no prep. The sweet snuggles and loving glances are my favorite though. My boys hold hands while they eat too, and it melts my heart
  • 1.  Hi.  I'm K and LO is M.

    2. BF has been going very well.  The nurses at the hospital made me feel like I wasn't feeding LO enough and I had major guilt.  Then I met with an LC at the pedi's office when LO was 4 days old and everything has been great since!  I pump one side in the mornings to build up a freezer stash and so DH can give LO a bottle every night.  I stay at home, but I like to have a back up supply in case I am unable to nurse at some point.  I also plan to give LO the freezer supply once we wean.

    3.  I am wondering if I developed a blocked duct.  I woke up this morning and the left side of my left breast hurts.  I pumped and fed LO on that side and it feels better but is still sore to the touch.  We'll see how it is the rest of the day.

    4.  I love having built in cuddle time with LO.  I also love that no matter what, if she's sleepy, hungry, in pain, or just cranky, when she latches on, she immediately relaxes.  Sometimes, she smiles up at me while she's nursing and my heart melts.  I told DH last night that I will be really sad when it's time to wean.  I'll miss the closeness I feel with her.
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    Me: 29 ovulatory disorder
    DH: 30 MFI - low everything

    IUI #1: 11/5/12 BFN
    December IUI cancelled due to cyst
    IUI #2: 1/8/13 BFN

    IVF in April 2013 transferred one beautiful blast on 4/13
    Beta #1 4/22: BFP!! 33 Beta #2 54 Beta #3 70 Beta #4 83 Beta #5 105. Possible ectopic, MTX and M/C 5w4d

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  • 1.  Intro.  Who are you and LO's.  jbelle and DD.

    2. How's the journey of breastfeeding so far?   Did you have to  pump, nipple sheild etc. So far, so good. Daycare transition was rough; DD refused bottles the first few days. She eventually gave in, but is only eating just enough to get through the day.

    3.  Current issues (maybe one of us can help!) Once upon a time, I would have said reverse cycling, but so far so good! 

    4.  What's your favorite part about BF/EP? After three years of unexplained IF, it feels great to have my body work as it's "supposed" to. 

    @babycaps: when I returned to work, DD fussed at the breast similar to the 6 week growth spurt in the evenings. I just treated it like the six week grown spurt, switching her back and forth between sides and occasionally taking a few minute "burp break" (she doesn't need to burp anymore, I just sit her up and chat for a few minutes). She only did this for the first week, but several of those nights I was glued to the couch for 2 hours while she cluster fed. However, YMMV, as DD is reverse cycling overall and we've decided to cosleep. Works great for us, but obviously is not for every family.

    AMA & SAIF. TTC #1 since Oct. 2010. DX: Unexplained. BFP on break after 32 months trying and 2 med cycles. Baby girl born at 40w0d!

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  • 1.  Intro.  Who are you and LO's. 
    -memo and memo's spawn

    2. How's the journey of breastfeeding so far?   Did you have to  pump, nipple shield etc
    - It's been pretty good.  LO had a tongue and lip tie that we had revised at 2.5 weeks and I had some oversupply issues but it's been smooth sailing since about 8-12 weeks. 

    3.  Current issues (maybe one of us can help!)
    - Our current issue was bottle feeding, but after 4 days of trying he finally decided to willingly take one!  So I went and got a pedicure!  Without children! 

    4.  What's your favorite part about BF/EP?
    - I really love it.  The bonding, the fact that he needs me, the empowering feelings about my body, being able to say that I grew and sustained a big chunky baby (24lbs @ 5months).
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  • 1.  Intro.  Who are you and LO's.  

    I'm Christine and LO is Will

    2. How's the journey of breastfeeding so far?   Did you have to  pump, nipple sheild etc

    Breastfeeding has been going very well. I found my stride with him and it's been great. In the beginning I had issues with really strong letdown and trying to regulate my supply. I was really worried about what it was going to be like when I went back to work. Lugging the pump to work everyday and pumping regularly has taken some getting used to, but I'm getting used to it. Most importantly LO is doing really great and he seems happy!

    3.  Current issues (maybe one of us can help!) 
    Once I'm home in the evenings and on the weekends I notice my supply takes a bit of a hit. However I think it's mostly because of my water intake. I really need to drink more water!

    4.  What's your favorite part about BF/EP?
    I'm really enjoying that time I get to spend with him while nursing. I didn't know I would enjoy it this much, it's pretty awesome :-)

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  • 1.  Intro.  Who are you and LO's.  
    I'm fish8412 and LO is Emma.

    2. How's the journey of breastfeeding so far?   Did you have to  pump, nipple sheild etc
    I have been lucky and breastfeeding has gone really well since the start.

    3.  Current issues (maybe one of us can help!)
    LO refuses to take a pacifier (since around 3 and half months) and to get her to sleep she usually needs to comfort suck.  So I am always the one to put her to bed.  Not sure if this is a phase, but I don't want it to become a permanent thing.

    4.  What's your favorite part about BF/EP?
    I am really enjoying breastfeeding (more than I had envisioned).  I love the bonding and cuddling.  It is very empowering to know that I can provide nutrition and comfort to her (in a way that no one else can).

  • kstar83kstar83 member
    edited August 2014
    1.Kristen and LO is Isabel (izzy)
    2. They immediately gave me a breast shield in the L&D room. Had a ton of transfer issues. Milk would be covering both of us after a feeding. Had really bad upper back pain due to her small size and my ginormous breasts. Never could get her to latch without the shield. Then had way to strong of a let down in the mornings that caused huge issues. Finally gave into EP amount 2.5 months in. We have supplemented here and there with a bottle of formula due to a drop in supply, but otherwise she gets exclusively BM

    3. Just finished antibiotics for a breast infection. Have on cracked nipple so bad that it looks like it might fal off, won't heal. Just ordered bigger flanges, hoping they arrive today. Have Dr.s appointment to look at it, since im pretty sure it is infected and the antibiotics didn't really help. Although thankfully the fever/body aches are mostly gone.

    Also getting ready to go see the ILs and they are already talking about giving her yogurt drops and other Sh*t. I keep telling them she is not on solids yet and won't be. Not to mention I don't plan on feeding her that. We are going for BLW. Or at least starting her on veggies, not puffed snacks... yikes. I just know im going to stick my foot in my mouth and be offensive to my SIL and nieces...

    4. She gained so much weight so fast! She was so tiny even though she was a week late, and she has done so well on BM, that I just hate to switch. Plus I am lucky and can get what she needs in 2-3 pumps a day. SO it really isn't too much of a hassle. I just really need this nipple to heal!! Its been almost a month of this!
  • 1.Intro.  Who are you and LO's.  

    I'm zartisterica and LO is S

    2. How's the journey of breastfeeding so far?
    Its had its highs and lows but a really awesome experience. Supply and latch are fine I only had a problem getting her on the bottle. We have since found success with Nuk bottles and me actually leaving for work.

    3.  Current issues (maybe one of us can help!)

     plugged ducts and cracked nipples - ouch!!!

    4.  What's your favorite part about BF/EP?

    I love the bonding, it is an experience I almost passed up if it had not been for my persistent husband. I love the last feeding of the day with a cuddle and a pass to the crib, nothing else makes me feel this successful at the end of the day.

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  • 1) I'm Ashley and LO is Lily.

    2) We are lucky to have had no issues with breastfeeding, except for my milk taking a week to come in and having to supplement because of LO's weight issues. Now she is a piglet and we love feeding time.

    3) Current issue is that I am back to work and only pump enough for the next day. I pump three times while at work and nurse her when I am home. I guess as long as I am meeting her needs then it's not a huge issue.

    4) I love that EBF her gives us one-on-one time. If I want to I can tell crazy family members that she needs to eat and I can take her into another room. I have no problem NIP, I just like to have that freedom to leave the room. Also, like @addisonsmom22, LO has started holding my boob like a bottle and it's the cutest thing!

  • @bennieangel‌, I'm not really sure to be honest. I would like to be able to pump a bit more than she needs just in case she does need an extra feeding one day or I can't get to the babysitter before her next feeding. Currently I take three 4oz. bottles to the babysitter and that gets her through the day. I always have formula in the diaper bag just in case.

    Right now our schedule is that I nurse her at 5am, then she eats at the sitter at 9 or 10, 1 or 2, and then usually 4:30. She then nurses again at 7:30 and I too her off at 9.

  • @babycaps - as someone who is in user experience and design, I really don't get why someone isn't working on a better milk machine (for those that need a more lifelike sucker). yes... what we have works but damn there has GOT to be a better tool. like... why hard plastic? how does that make sense?! and why pulling and not massaging? 

    i've seen pocket pussys better than this.
    amybug13[Deleted User]caseinpoint
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