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The latest edition of "I never thought I'd have to say these words"

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Today I had to tell Alexander "No, we don't bite the plantation shutters." A few seconds goes by and "No, we don't lick them either." I don't understand why they're so delicious. What have you had to say lately?
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Re: The latest edition of "I never thought I'd have to say these words"

  • I can't think of anything ATM but that is pretty funny!
  • "You do realize she's your cousin, right?" - said to my 7 year old nephew after he told me he "digs" DD. (I should have also added "You realize it's not the 1980s, right?" because who says "digs" anymore??)
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    Throwing leaves <3
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  • "Don't touch your poop"

    "Get your hands out of your pants"

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  • This thread is cracking me up. 

    I regularly say the following:

    You may not touch the doggy's eye

    You may not sleep with the can of tuna (or other random object)

    Please don't drink your own bathwater

    Please don't reach into the toilet

    We don't stick our fingers into other people's belly buttons



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  • "Don't bite daddy's feet!" - So. Gross.
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  • Lol love this post... i got
    "Don't eat your boogers"
    "Don't lick that!"
    "No you can't drive the car" Lol what's with the kids and wanting to drive the car? Hello your 2 crazy!
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  • "Stop pretending to be a frog while holding a screw driver between your legs."
    "No you can't sleep with the screw driver."
    "Time for the screw driver to go night night."

    My kids is obsessed with screw drivers. OB.SESSED.

    "Please don't lick the chair (at Wendy's ::shudder::)."
    "Don't stick your fingers in your butt."
    "Stop try to stick the qtip in your pee hole."

    I think might kid might be weird. It's kind've awesome. I wish he didn't have to grow up and deal with people. People suck.
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  • Hi @Excited30‌ Welcome! :-h

    Did you post an intro? Sorry if I missed it. There is a great group of ladies here and I'm sure theyd like to hear a bit about you! Check out the sticky threads at the top of the board if you haven't already. You'll see there's quite a range of experiences here. :)
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  • Please don't eat the dog food. Are you pooping in the bath....again?
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    @2013mommy‌, it's Trader Joes and organic. I don't encourage it, but I no longer try to dig it out of his mouth. By the time I could wash my hands he would have swallowed it anyways!
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