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Hi! I just found out that I am pregnant! My son was born at 30 weeks due to ptl of unknown reason. I am currently 5 weeks. Edd 4/6. I will be high risk this time. First appt is next month but my OB is out of town.

What should I expect? I just want to deliver a healthy full term baby!

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  • What up, girllllll? <--sorry about that; I have had a lot of sugar today.

    Anyway, congrats on your pregnancy! Are you seeing a perinatalogist along with your OB? For my second pregnancy, also high risk, I saw the peri and my OB once a month for the first several months, alternating so that I saw one of them every two weeks. Then as my pregnancy progressed I started seeing them every two weeks, so either my OB or my peri every week. Then I got to see them both every week for two weeks. At the peri I got an ultrasound at every visit - they checked for baby's lung development, heartbeat, and brain development. They also checked to see if she was practicing her breathing. At the OB they listened to the HB, took vitals, and for the last several visits (starting at 32 weeks) they did weekly NSTs.

    Basically I had a ton of non-invasive tests to check that baby was growing properly and that I wasn't showing any signs of pre-e (which is why my first baby was born early).

    Also check out the weekly thread for posters who are pregnant after having a preemie: It's rad.

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  • Hi! I too am early in my second pregnancy (8w5d), DS was born at 34 weeks due to IUGR of an unknown exact cause. I also had hypertension. After his delivery I had extensive tests done and discovered I have the factor 5 mutation (causes blood clots). I just had my first apt on Monday and have started blood thinner shots and I will also meet with my perinatologist at 12 weeks to get started early (earlier) this time.

    My advice would be to make sure your doctor is taking precautions in your care. Perhaps you will too see the high risk early on. Good luck!
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  • Hey. I'm 17.4 weeks. My last came at 25.4 weeks due to IC, breech position and abruption. I got a cerclage at 13 weeks. I have seen a MFM since the beginning because of my history. Since the cerclage, I am seen every 2-3 weeks for cervix checks
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