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Hope you don't mind my shower planning questions - I know you will bring up points I hadn't thought of and I value those opinions!

We are discussing when to serve lunch, have the gift opening, etc.  Most showers I have been to the food is served somewhere in the middle or last.  Co-host wonders if we should eat first.  We do have a couple of games, but nothing too time consuming.  Any thoughts? 


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    Definitely have something for your guests to snack on as soon as they arrive.  Give MTB time to say hello and visit with everyone, then have your guests get settled and serve lunch, so closer to the beginning of the shower so MTB can eat as well.

    After lunch, start the gift opening (which is when I assume you will do games as well?).  Once the games are finished, serve cake/ cookies/coffee as the gifts are finished or close to finished.


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  • I like it!  Thanks :)
  • I agree with PP.  Have at least some food and the drinks out from the beginning.  Once the majority of guests are in and greeted, you can officially serve lunch.  Do games as lunch is wrapping up, then serve cake and have the MTB unwrap gifts. 

    I like to serve the cake early in the gift-unwrapping time so that people who need to leave as soon as their gift is unwrapped don't have to skip dessert.

    When I have co-hostessed showers before, we try to work it out so that hostess roles are divided up during the shower.  If you have 2 or more hostesses, it works great for one or more hosts to be the "greeters" and the others the "feeders."  The greeters should basically be the M.C. the shower while the feeders handle the food. 

    Being the "feeder" is the most important job, so if you are hostessing yourself, and you have lots of guests, maybe ask another guest who is close to the MTB to step in and help with some of the greeting duties on the day of the shower.
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    Here;s my rough timeline.  Clearly plug in the real times for yourself.

    1 - 1:15 - guests arrive.  Have snacks and drinks out.  MTB can mingle/ guests will socialize.

    1:15 - serve food.  This will clearly vary based on size of the shower, but the true "meal" part should probably be wrapping up by 2, at the latest (it really shouldn't take THAT long for people to get food and eat.  Maybe even by 1:45.  But to not be too pushy - 2.)

    2:00 - gather guests.  If you're doing games, do them now (if they aren't related to the gift opening. 

    2:10 - start the gift opening.  Again, depends on the size of the shower, but assuming a not too huge shower and if you, the host, have it set up right - the gift opening really shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

    I'd take a brief break from the gift opening and serve dessert.  Guests can eat while the gift opening continues.  You could even serve dessert before.

    If everything stays on track, people will start to leave by 3.

  • Thanks for your ideas!  Will definitely start with lunch, then move on to games/gifts/dessert...

  • I always recommend saving the gifts until last. I personally love watching Mom's open gifts but some people hate it! I'd say it's 50/50. If you save that until last, then people have the option to leave if they want.
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