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Baby's 1st Birthday-Looking for a Venue

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DD turns 1 in December. I'm not planning too much this early, but I do think I may need to get a venue booked if I want to guarantee that I can do it on the weekend I have in mind. I live in south Minneapolis and most of my family lives in the south of river suburbs like Eagan. I'm looking for a place to host her birthday party for 50ish people and a few kids (maybe 10 kids) because our house is too small for that many people. I was thinking of Edinborough, but it's $140 to rent on the weekend and I really just need a place with a nice open space who may or may not do the catering and I don't need a lot of planned activities.  I was looking into the Minneapolis Park and Rec's, but don't know anything else about the spaces. Anyone have a recommendation of a venue that would be fun whether it be a restaurant, just an open room or something that has some activity for kids to do?

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Re: Baby's 1st Birthday-Looking for a Venue

  • There is a super cool indoor park in Egan- Good Times Park that has party space.  Your daughter probably will be indifferent to being at the park (there are a few things for toddlers, but it is focused on the 2 and up crowd).  I have no idea how much it costs to rent, but it might be worth looking into if you wanted something that would entertain the other kids at the party. 
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  • Honestly - I'd just rent a room at one of the area hotels. Many have rooms large enough for a group of 50-60 especially down near Bloomington. The advantage is you can book however much or however little you want to DIY in many cases. Sofitel would be the not lift a finger and have every detail handled for you best option for the $$$ down there. Otherwise, the Hilton was great to work with for a meeting we had for an organization I'm involved with. $140 for rental isn't bad in the grand scheme of things because you're talking a venue to handle 60 guests. $140 would be pricey if you were only planning 15 guests, but 60 is a lot of people for a first birthday!
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  • The Eagan Community Center has several rooms available to rent and a kids' play center.  It's a very, very nice building (we had our wedding reception there). 
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  • We had a kido party at the Davanni's in Roseville.  The party room is free if you order food.  The older kidos loved the pizza's and they have a door so I did not have to worry about kidos running all over the place.  They allowed us to bring in our own cake & balloons and a few other food items.  The kidos played games, ate and had a great time.  Then we took them over to Rosedale mall to play on the indoor play equipment.  They slept the remainder of the evening/night.  It was great!

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