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1st hair cut

My baby girl 2 1/2 just asked if I would cut her hair.... She was born with a ton of hair and now it is down to her butt. our favorite thing to do it make her hair look like the princess' hair. Well I asked how she wants it cut and she said to her shoulders... =( that is about 7 inches... Idk if I can handle that. How do you mommies deal with 1st hair cuts and how old were your babies when you did it?

Re: 1st hair cut

  • My DD got her first hair cut at 20 mos or so.  Her hair was about to her shoulders.  We cut about and inch and a half to even it out. 

    I don't really get what you mean about dealing with it.  Your daughter can still be a princess or have princess hair with hair to her shoulders.  My DD got about 4 inches cut off in the spring and I felt sad for a minute until I saw how precious she looked.  If she wants it cut I'd cut it.  That's really long hair and shoulder length hair still gives you a lot to play with.
  • My daughter just started growing hair. We had it trimmed up to even it out. Just took her to a super cuts or hair cuttery. No big deal. It's hair, it grows.

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  • I'm not really very sentimental about hair and don't really like hair much longer than shoulder length. Both of my girls had tons of hair when they were born and both had their first hair cuts before they were 1. We cut bangs and trimmed their hair into bobs at that time. My oldest daughter's hair was hanging in her face and should would scream whenever I tried to pull it back. Bangs solved that problem. They both have about shoulder length long hair now. DD1 still doesn't like me to pull it back. DD2 wears her hair in ponies, braids, buns, etc...
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