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Kinder surprise eggs

Anybody ever heard of these? I looked at them on YouTube and they look like fun. If anybody has had one is the chocolate good and are the toys worth it?

They're illegal in the US I guess.

Re: Kinder surprise eggs

  • They are not illegal in Canada. My boys love them, not sure why because the toys are not that great and they don't generally eat the chocolate.
  • I had no idea they were illegal in the US! They are sold everywhere here (Ontario). They are generally cheap toys that don't have much appeal but kids like the surprise. And I do like that the milk chocolate is lined with white chocolate (at least it used to be).

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  • @km_md‌ I guess they aren't really illegal, but banned. Choking hazard and some law that was passed about bringing non nutritive food across the border.

    I was going to get some off Amazon, but I don't think DD is old enough.

    Anybody remember Wonder Balls? I wish those were still sold in stores.
  • There was a segment on Today last week about the woman who makes those videos. They called it "crack for toddlers" which I have experienced. Anyway, they estimated that she earns upwards of $13m/yr making the kinder egg videos.
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  • My son loves them. They make potty training a little smoother

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