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Smart Bottoms? Bottombumpers?

Anyway have any input on smart bottoms aios and bottombumpers organic aios? 
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Re: Smart Bottoms? Bottombumpers?

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    @theultimatesak Yeah, they, i saw those ones. They have new ones, I guess that are Hook and Loop and sized in 2 sizes like thirsties
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  • I have some bottom bumpers. I like them alright. (AIOs with flaps aren't my favorite if he poops!) I would consider them medium absorbency.
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  • I just recently bought a Smart Bottoms AIO.  I haven't been able to use it yet so my input is limited, but the insides are soooo soft.  It does have the insert "flap" that might be a pain for poop spraying but the lady at Happy Baby Company was showing me how you can fold it differently to adjust where you want the absorbency and that was attractive.  The cute prints didn't hurt either :-)

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  • I have a smartbottoms 3.0 and I love it. It is so trim, soft and absorbent. I hear the 3.1 is cut fuller, so might not be as trim, but a lot of people complained about the 3.0 being too small so I guess it's just a preference and how your kid is shaped.
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