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No one asked you!

Everyone seems to be so concerned about DH and I introducing solids to LO. I have explained several times why we aren't until 6 months. However, my ILs continue to make comments.

I already stress about not being able to keep up with LO's BM demand and then they make comments like, "you might want to reconsider switching to solids."

I'm stuck in a hard position because my MIL watches LO while we're at work and is usually accommodating but I'm so frustrated. No one asked for your 2 cents.

Rant over.

Re: No one asked you!

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    My in-laws make those comments too. I just keep ignoring them. :) We will do what we think is best for our babies!

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  • Ugh.  That is really annoying and they need to respect your parenting choices.  Either ignore or maybe have your husband say something to them?

  • MIL did that with DS1. We just told her that he was happy with just BM and we would start solids when we felt it was appropriate.
    Of course we did BLW so she freaked our when we gave him steak and potatoes at her house. ;)

  • James like teething on zucchinni but feeding him "solids", completely uninterested at the moment

    Sorry you are dealing with that.  I'm sure my MIL would be the same way since she started DH on DH waaaaay to early (seriously in his baby book she gave him cheerios after 2 weeks!?

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  • You have a right to parent your child the way you want to, especially when it comes to something like introducing solids (I'm not saying extremes like child prostitution or something like that)

    ILs also try to be helpful... so I would just smile and nod gracefully and say "thanks for your suggestions" and leave it at that. Hopefully she doesn't feed LO behind your back, that would be horrid 
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  • Eurghhhh I'm sorry you are dealing with this - you are totally right though, you're making a decision that you see fit for your child. It's frustrating that to be fair, the paediatricians they saw with their babies said start earlier, but I find often that grabdparents aren't all that eager to take on board that science has moved on..., studies are now coming up with different findings and suggesting different ages etc for things. Hang in there!!
  • Thank you for support ladies. I asked DH not to say anything because I don't want things to get awkward because aside from this, I'm really close to my ILs. I guess I'm just going to have to keep biting my tongue.

  • My MIL keeps commenting on it too. Only to DH though. She watches her twice a week, and she would never do it without our permission, but she's so opinionated.


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  • I really don't think they would give her anything without my permission, but it's just frustrating to keep repeating myself.

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