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Preparing your body for IVF ?

Hi ladies,

Our first IVF cycle will hopefully be in September (FX), are there any vitamins or supplements you guys can recommend to better prepare my body? Dietary changes? TIA

Re: Preparing your body for IVF ?

  • Thanks for this, if our IUI cycle didn't work, we will move to IVF in September. Good to know all of this!
  • Thanks @Buttmonkey34‌, much appreciated. Trying to eat healthier, will get some prenatal vit and start on that
  • @Buttmonkey34‌ covered the bases really well. Having been through this before I would stress working on getting mind and body in shape, nothing strenuous but the process wears you down physically and mentally. There's some good yoga for fertility on YouTube (and some is scary and bizarre) that you can do at home. Try to get in some active days with your partner before getting started with your cycle. There will be plenty of time for rest and waiting around... Seize the day!
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  • Ask your RE for recs but mine has me on DHEA, CQ10, Folgard, prenatal, and fish oil.
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  • Thanks to all, have started on some prenatal vitamins today, have also been eating healthier, last step is starting an exercise routine *giant thumbs down* I hate exercising, but I'm determined, time to dust off the old spinning bike!
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