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Enfamil $5 retailer coupon/checks

Received some of these via mail from Enfamil. I don't see anything that says you can't stack them together, but has anyone tried?

Re: Enfamil $5 retailer coupon/checks

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    In my experience you can only use one per purchase (or per container).

    You could stack a store coupon, with a manufacturer's coupon and then with a check (as long as it doesn't say on the check "use like a coupon"). 

    So for instance...you could go into Target, they occasionally have Enfamil Target coupons on their website / cartwheel / mobile coupons (store coupon), use a Enfamil coupon from the newspaper (manufacturer coupon), and then one of your rebate checks

    Before I knew what I was doing with couponing when DS1 was an infant, I had one cashier stack them all when I asked her if it was OK, but I came to find out that is not allowed.



  • Thanks! It does say retailer: use as check; user: use as coupon so my fess is it can't be stacked. Darn! Thanks!
  • FYI -- In that case, you are still still stack with a store coupon if you can find one @GoodStuff05 (treat your rebate check as a manufacturer coupon). Couponing has gotten so much more complicated/difficult these past few years. :(



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