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Joining August Birth Club

Looks like this baby has a mind of her own and has decided she wants to be born in August. Any other overdue mommies who will be joining the August Birth Club? How are you feeling about that? I am 4 days overdue today and feeling more sad than I thought I would about this. I know it's silly... Anyone else with me?

Re: Joining August Birth Club

  • Have faith you still have 13.5 hours...good luck dear.
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    In the same boat here! I was pretty sure she was gonna be earlier in July, born before her due date, never thought we'd be going into august! Induction scheduled for august 7 if nothing happens before then!
  • I'm right there with ya! 6 days overdue and being induced Sunday evening if he doesn't come on his own before then.
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  • 2 days overdue here with plans to induce early next week. I really thought my baby would be a July girl, apparently she has other plans! Do we really have to leave the club? I've grown attached!
  • We want you to stay with us.
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  • One of us! One of us! One of us! You guys can't leave that easy, even if you still have inside babies.

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  • I've been lurking since about April due to training my replacement for work, but still plan on following July '14! Currently 7 days overdue, with an induction planned for next Tuesday or Wednesday. Even though I hadn't been very active on here before my hiatus, I love this board!
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  • DS was born june 30 a day before my Scheduled rcs on july 1. Not going anywhere.
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  • I'm having an August baby now too! 40+4 today... My emotions have been such a roller coaster, just really hoping to go into labor before our scheduled induction next week.
  • I'm also gonna have an Aug babe. I'm 40w5d and she's measuring big and fluid is low. Induction scheduled for tmrw morn. I wanted to go all natural like my first, so the idea of pitocin is scaring the shit out of me. Fingers crossed she makes an appearance tonight!
  • I will have an August baby and I'm also staying here! I love all my J14 friends :)

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  • I'm with ya! I am being induced today thankfully! Good luck!
  • 40 +4 today induction next Wednesday. I'm going to stick with July bc I am so thankful for all of the info I have gotten here this year!
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