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Eating enough?

I breastfeed with 1-2 BM bottles daily. When LO eats a BM bottle, he takes 4-5 oz.

When timing number of feeds in 24 hours, when does the time frame start/stop?

For instance- my guy wakes up at 4 am to eat, then 7, then eats at 10, 1, 4, 7. Lately, he's been pushing it off 15 minutes so that the 7 pm feeding becomes 8, 8:30, and then he is down for the night. So that has him feeding only 6 times in a 24 hour span. Is that sufficient?

Re: Eating enough?

  • To clarify, I EBF + 1-2 BM bottles daily.
  • Is he gaining weight and lots of wet dipes?

    If so, its probably fine. On the low end but fine. DS started eating less around 9 weeks and he's quite efficient. Eats for like 5-10 minutes. Maybe longer if he wants to comfort suck but thats only once maybe twice in a day. But DS eats around 10 times give or take. I think the average is 8-12 in a 24 hour period. DS will also eat close together right before bed, so maybe your little guy wants to save his fill up for later?

    I would ask the pedi or LC maybe just to check in :)

    24 hours would be say from 9 pm to 9 pm the next night, and count how many feeds. I counted 10 from last night at 10 until now (its almost 9 here). I got 10 feeds, so add one more before night time :)

  • I should add that he had a hard time getting back to birth weight. 9.1 at birth, took until 4 weeks to reach 9.5

    He was 12 even at 2 month check up.
  • You should be getting 8 wet dipes per day, I was recommended today in my moms group that you number them 1-8 with a marker so that you can keep track if there is ever a question. I do believe 6-8 is normal for this age but the more important part is the 8 wet diapers.
  • I'm probably no help bc I FF, but my DD is 12wks and eats 4 or 5 times in a 24 hour period (I usually count midnight to midnight) and is consuming 5 to 7 oz at a time.
  • So, dumb, but do you count the start and end time both in one 24 hour period? Because then one feeding would count for two days....
  • I always counted the start time of a feed.
  • @KBowen715‌ Here is a screenshot to show how it tracks the 24hrs - none are counted twice.

    Thanks! Jealous of your feeds....we do 20-40 minute feeds.
    [Deleted User]
  • DS has definitely become a faster and more efficient eater. He will be 11 wks on Saturday, but he only eats 6-7 times a day and for maybe 5-10 min each time. I'm sure you LO is totally fine too!
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