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Speaking of Birthday Parties

DS just turned 4.  His party is scheduled for this Saturday.  I passed out (clipped to DC cubbies) his invitations 3 weeks ago.  I have only heard from 3 kids in his class and they all said no.  Right now there are only 6 kids coming, 5 are our neighbors and 1 is his little girlfriend who used to go to his DC.  I feel so sad for DS that so few kids are coming to his party and I am sad for myself because I am shelling out big bucks for a firetruck and cake and favors and nobody is coming.

Anyway, since this is his 1st "friends" party I am clueless and have some questions.

1.  The party is 2-4.  I figured this was good because it is after lunch but before dinner so I would just have some fruit salad and popcorn and then cake & ice cream and juice boxes & water.  Some people I talked to got their knickers all in a twist because if they are going to a party they expect to be FED.  Should I be providing pizza or something?

2.  I will have juice and water for the kids.  I plan on also having some soda and water for the parents.  Should I also have beer/wine?  Is that weird at a kids party?  What is the norm here?

3.  The party starts at 2 but the firetruck won't arrive until 2:30.  I planned on just letting the kids play in the yard until the truck arrived.  Should I have some sort of organized game planned?  The fireman who is coming is going to do a fire safety class and then some other fire related games, so I don't know what I would plan.

4.  Do people usually bring food to these parties??  One of the neighborhood Mom's said she was bringing a dessert.  This just seemed weird to me.

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Re: Speaking of Birthday Parties

  • 1. I wouldn't feel right hosting a party without a substantial amount of food but that's how I was brought up. You host a party, you have a spread. However, I don't think what you're doing is outlandish at all based on the schedule.

    2. Kids birthday parties without booze for the adults are THE WORST. At least offer beer/wine.

    3. If it were me, I would. Otherwise you run the risk of things getting awkward. Have something planned, but if it turns out the kids are fine playing without whatever activity then just let it be until the truck gets there. At least you have something as a bit of an "ice breaker."

    4. I usually ask if they need me to bring something and have people do the same for me. Most times, it's "no no, I've got it," in which case I don't sweat it and just bring the kiddo's gift.

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