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WTF Wednesday

What's bothering you today?
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Re: WTF Wednesday

  • I just realized I meant to take chicken out of the freezer for dinner tonight and I forgot :( Maybe I can talk DH into getting pizza for dinner instead.


  • WTF cold. We are suppose to be going back home tomorrow. 2 kids that are sick, plus I'm sick and 2 days, 6 hours each of driving... By myself. Ugh :((
  • WTF eBay seller?  Why do you list shoes on eBay and put "like new" in the description, and then they arrive with crap splattered all over them?!  There were even like 8 photos on the listing, none of which showed any obvious dirt/marks, but now that I have them I see that they are gross.  Ugh.  I'm not sure what to I send them back (even though I do really want them), or do I try to wash them somehow?  The insides actually look good, but the outsides look like they walked around kicking dirt and spaghetti sauce.  :(

    WTF self for thinking it was a good idea to buy used shoes on eBay! 
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  • I just realized I meant to take chicken out of the freezer for dinner tonight and I forgot :( Maybe I can talk DH into getting pizza for dinner instead.
    That's what the Foreman Grill is for! Doesn't taste as good as on an outdoor grill though.

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  • I inherited 13 accounts from my idot co-worker that got rewarded for being shitty at her job. "She's overwhelmed"....get off QVC and maybe you'll be able to get your work done! I pretty much got told I'm getting these accounts no matter what.....ugghhh now I need to stay later which means less time with DS tonight

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  • WTF, Self? Stop eating Doritos and go wash the pile of dishes in the sink that are starting to smell.

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    WTF eye stop twitching!
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  • @Caitlinh27‌ SHIT I forgot to take out dinner too!!!
  • HncampHncamp member
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    wtf headache. Go away. Tylenol and Motrin and neither one is helping.
  • Wtf LO, you have literally screamed so much in the past 2 days you have lost your voice. I don't know what's wrong...

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  • wtf DH? I got home from my hair appt 3 hours ago, where I cut at least 5 inches off my hair and you have yet to say anything about it. I thought it looked cute but now I'm not so sure.
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  • Wtf baby!! Give me a good poo already!
  • ameegee said:

    Wtf baby!! Give me a good poo already!

    This! DS hasn't pooped in 3 days, and the longest he's ever gone before is <1 day. He just woke up crying and let out a bunch of farts. I can't tell if he's upset because of teething or constipation. :( He wouldn't drink any pear juice today, so I just squirted 3 droppers full into his mouth following some baby Tylenol. Poor guy. :( I hope that helps!
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  • @boothbaby I might have to try the droppers. She sucks at drinking from a cup, or sippy or bottle.... Anything that's not my boob. Her poops have been a little hard lately. And tiny. It's been 3 days. Poor thing starting struggling during dinner, scared the crap out of DH.
  • @Erin021 Men suck.  Pic please!


  • @Caitlinh27‌ it gets better. He told me he was seeing how long it would take me to say something about him not saying anything. Real cool. Lol image
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  • @Erin021 OMGosh its adorable!  Love the color of your hair too!  I honestly don't get men.


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