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In search of a Nashville (Bellevue) pediatrician, please!

Hi All,
Our first baby is due November 8th and I am on the hunt for a good pediatrician in the Nashville area. We just moved to TN at the end of May and live in Bellevue, so the closer to that area the better, but I'm willing to drive a little bit for someone great. Thanks in advance for your recommendations! :)

Re: In search of a Nashville (Bellevue) pediatrician, please!

  • Hey there, I'm also a FTM due in mid-December and this is actually my first post under our TN community! As for pediatrician, I've heard great things about Green Hills Pediatrics from several moms.  In fact, I just scheduled my prenatal visit with a pediatrician there for initial "get-to-know" session.  Hope this is helpful and good luck with your search!

  • Realizing this board is not very active at all...
  • We use Old Harding Pediatrics. They have an office off of HWY 70S in the Belle Meade area. Expecting our 2nd in September.
  • We see Dr. Godfrey at Green Hills Pediatrics. He's great!

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  • We recently started at Cool Springs Family Medicine and are really happy with them! We saw Sam Mulder, she is so sweet :) They are intact-friendly, which means they know not to forcibly retract a boy who was left intact (not circumcised)… something that is really hard to find in this area! They also support not vaccinating, if that is a concern. 
  • Old Harding peds is great. Amazing hours
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