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Workout Check In

Suggested check in questions (or just fill us in):

  • What work outs/5k training did you get in last week (if you've started)?
  • What are your goals this week?
  • GTKY: Where do you get your workout clothing? Do you just grab whatever old college T is clean or do you have some favorite sporty tanks? Feel free to share your favorite splurges, best deals, and/or smartest purchases. 

Workout/5K Check In:
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Re: Workout Check In

  • I'm too tired to move my body any more than the minimum required right now :(

    I usually buy inexpensive workout gear. Target and Old Navy are my go-to stores. I LOVE Nike running apparel but it's too damn expensive for something I'm going to sweat in. If I'm just running alone, I wear t-shirts and shorts/yoga pants. I save my pretty stuff for 5ks and yoga class.

  • Doing exercises at home with baby as my weight instead of kettle bell....he loves the shit out of it and it makes me motivated to go past my comfort zone because it makes him so happy.

    I finally got someone to do cardio with me so thats made me feel really good actually making it to the gym.  I feel like I'm back at pre-pregnancy weight (don't own a scale so not positive)  but I feel healthy and fitting into more pants (shirts aren't going to happen since boobs are huge).  

    I'm hoping I'm in tip top shape for when my DH gets back from deployment!

    @jtizzay  hunt goodwill , one of my friends here scores a whole bunch a Lulu Lemon for super cheap and sells ones that arenn't her size on ebay.

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  • 1. I have totally fallen off the workout wagon sine my pup passed two weeks ago. I am struggling emotionally and the only thing that helps is hanging with other people... So too many lunch dates and no workouts. The weather has also been shitty so not many outdoor walks and runs. I did go for a couple walks last week, but that was about it.

    2. I NEED to get things figured out emotionally and get back to running and boxing.

    3. I like VS Sport and Target's athletic stuff. Also LOVE Nike outlet.
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  • @LittlePigeon‌ I'm so sorry for your loss

  • Last week/this week goals:
    According to my grand plan, we are going to start trying for #2 in Oct. Before we start, we agreed that i would pass a PT test. Gotta be in good shape to handle 2u2! Must complete the test in under 45 minutes-

    >Run 400m
    >2 pull ups
    >Planks: 1min arms extended; 30s side (on elbow); 30s other side (elbow); 1m elbows down.
    >Run 800m
    > 10 SETS of {4 push ups + 10 walking lunges}
    >Run 800m

    Right now I'm ROCKIN it around 30 minutes. Except for the damn pull-ups. Fml. I can do one from 90 degrees. I'm working on fully extending but it's a long ways off. I also do all my push ups from my knees. Lol because I'm cutting corners. I might be able to do full ones. Haven't tried. Damn pull ups.

    I get my workout clothes/ratty old shirts from high school lol. If I ever spend money I'd hit up target and old navy. I DID just buy my first really nice sports bra (lulu lemon booby bracer) for my giant boobs. I'm super excited to not have the ace bandage or 2x sports bra drama. Blegh.
  • Hdhtk4Hdhtk4
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    I have not done a single thing the past two weeks. Oh I did run on the treadmill for 3 minutes Saturday, then LO woke up and started crying.

    I'm starting to get very mad at myself. I was doing so well with getting in shape before I got pregnant. Now I have zero motivation. Ugh.

    I got my most recent work out clothes from Walmart. They are actually pretty cute and were fairly cheap. I wear them if I'm running outside or working out at the gym. If I'm running on the treadmill in my basement, sometimes I just wear my sports bra and underwear!

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  • @chocoroom:  I bought quite a few maternity items at Target and it made me wonder why I don't shop there for clothes more. Great quality and some great deals--especially if you luck out in the clearance section!

    @jtizzay: formerly Jt7dreams, right? I've heard so many great things about lulu lemon clothing, I'm going to have to check it out.

    @Missfunball: the visual of your DS laughing while you use him in lieu of a kettle bell is priceless! I bet my DD would love that, too!

    @LittlePigeon: I am so sorry for your loss! Hugs!

    @Kacie: a physical fitness test to have 2u2 seems wise! As a FTM, I can't wrap my head around having a second! Pull ups are ridiculously hard--kudos for completing them in any form. My college shirts comments shows my age; any shirts I had in HS that I wore at all have disintegrated!

    @babycaps: Marshalls and TJ Maxx are my favorite spots for clothing and shoes; I should really check out their workout gear!

    @Hdhtk4: I do the same thing when I workout at home! I wear next-to-nothing shorts and a sports bra. Both of which I probably should wash a bit more often than I do! Oh well, no one can smell me! We're been going on walks with LO in a stroller. She can nap and we can chat while getting in some exercise and fresh air. 

    AFM: Last week, we logged about 12 miles walking and a short evening walk. This coming week, we hope to do the same. I keep meaning to look up that arm workout you can do at your desk... maybe I'll try and do that this week!  My workout gear comes from either old college shirts, random purchases (Costco jog bras), or gifts (my yoga gear is rather nice thanks to a relative who is an instructor). 

    AMA & SAIF. TTC #1 since Oct. 2010. DX: Unexplained. BFP on break after 32 months trying and 2 med cycles. Baby girl born at 40w0d!

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  • What work outs/5k training did you get in last week (if you've started)?

    I made a little progress! I was only able to fit in 2 work outs and my goal was 3, but it's more than I've been doing! I also went to a yoga class at the community center and it was great! I've had very little experience with it in the past but I felt like it gave me a good work out without straining my joints.

    What are your goals this week?

    3 work outs, at least one being yoga.

    GTKY: Where do you get your workout clothing? Mostly Target but I did just get a few things from Walmart that I really like. I also have a lot of shirts from ultimate frisbee teams I've played on that I wear a lot when my boobs aren't huge.
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    [Deleted User]jbelleMissfunball
  • I still haven't started as I've been trying to finish up papers for my summer semester. Buuuut, my sil is moving and asked me if I wanted her to store her elliptical at my house so I could use it! Yes! And I don't have any workout clothes that fit me, so I'll be borrowing my sister's. She mainly has nike and underarmour, though I would wear just about any brand, you're just sweating in them after all.
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