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So lo has been having some congestion, not a runny nose but I can hear the snot in there when she breathes sometimes. I have been doing saline spray and the bulb but my mom told me to get a humidifier. So I bought one but didn't do much research.(woops) I got a Vicks warm mist one. I didn't know there was a cold mist one also. My question is...
What type of humidifier (warm or cold mist) should I be using for this type of congestion?
Will a humidifier even work?? I thought a humidifier added moisture to the air and she seems to have enough moisture since she has a snotty nose.

Re: Humidifiers?

  • Our Dr. told us not to use a humidifier in the summer because the air is already so humid.
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    Also bringing LO in while you shower or run the shower helps too!

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  • Cold humidifier.

    Funny story we were registering at BRU and they had it on sale and there was also a coupon for it and my DH wanted it so bad. For himself. So it's really more for DH, lol.

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  • Someone told me not to use a warm mist one because of mold, but I have no idea if that's a legitimate concern. We have a Vicks cool mist one and really like if. We've used it off and on this summer, but I'm sure we will use it more as it gets cooler.


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    I think the concern with the warm mist ones is when baby gets older they can knock it over and get burned. I have a warm mist.

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  • Well since I have it I might as well try it. Started up the warm mist humidifier hopefully her snotty ness clears up cause she straight up hates the saline and bulb!
  • I personally don't think the cool mist ones help for congestion. I've tried both in my own room and the warm one helps so much more.
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