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Doesn't want formula?

Maybe this was discussed and I didn't see it...

I'm not producing enough so we need to start supplementing with formula. I'm not happy anout it, but this boy has to eat! Anyway, he refuses formula bottles unless he's starving. We have been giving him a formula bottle first thing in the morning and it worked a few days, but now he's drinking less and less. Any thoughts on how to get him to take formula?

I'm not crazy about the idea of mixing BM and formula because I'll be screwed if he doesn't take it and I waste the BM. Help!

Re: Doesn't want formula?

  • We had that same problem, my baby would drink a little bit and then refuse it. I tried everything!!!! The only thing I can say it's keep insisting. It took us over a month for him to drink a full bottle! And sometimes he still complains. Unfortunately I had to wean him so there was no other way. The pediatrician advised me to insist, offer solids more often and add "hidden" formula, in oatmeal, cereal, mixed with fruits....
    Good luck!
  • Make small bottles with 3oz BM, 1 oz Formula. then when he takes that no problem move to 2oz BM/2oz formula. etc. this is what we did for DD and what we are about to do for DS. 

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  • I agree on the mixing 3 parts BM to 1 part formula initially, then 1/2 & 1/2. I also agree that you may have to try different kinds. I haven't had to supplement in awhile, but when I did, once I found the right formula LO would actually take that one plain.
  • Lurker, but I had the same issue. I started by giving him small amounts of formula using a syringe, like you get for their medicine. After a few times with the syringe, he got used to the taste. Now it's not a problem for me to give him a bottle of formula a couple of times a week when my supply is lacking.

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  • @pearsforpoops‌ is wise I had the same experience. LO only liked a few kinds one of which is Baby's Only organic but I've heard it is really constipating so I fear for when I completely wean but for supplementing I have no problems with it. It has vanilla flavor and it smells decent compared to most formula. Similac advance he liked too but a bunch of others he would either refuse or drink then puke up later. Fun fun.

    I hope you find something that works!
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  • We tried enfamil and similac. Enfamil was a definite no go, and I thought it smelled nasty! Similac is a bit better. I tried the syringe trick, once he realized it wasn't yummy grape ibuprofen he stopped swallowing it and just spit it out. I'll try some other brands. Thanks all!!
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