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I know you ladies are the only ones that are going to understand this.

I lost my baby in feb this year. I was on a cruise ship when it happened and also never knew I was pregnant untill I misscaried.

I've been rather bitter for months due to the fact I felt ripped off I never new I had an angel growing in my belly and when I see an ultrasound picture I get so teary/angry and jellous that I never got a photo.

A few nights ago I decided to go through photos of my cruise and there was a lot of them in my bikinis and I looked at one and my mouth dropped. I had a bump! I found another few photos showing of my mimi bump. I have photos of my angel in me!!!! I have something I can hold on to and look at. It's really helped me and has made me happy.

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  • I am glad you found some comfort
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  • My boyfriend and I took a picture together when we were waiting for the ultrasound that we found out that the baby was lost at. I used to stare at that picture and cry. We were both making funny faces and we'd been waiting forever. We were so happy. Now I'm glad that I have it. It's the only picture we took while I was pregnant. I can't see anything at all since I was only 8 weeks but it brings me comfort also.


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