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I'm having a baby guise! (cakebatter27)

Back pain throughout the day. Decided to try to time it around 5pm. By 9 30 I couldn't talk through them and my bp was 180/105 at home. Called the doctor and he said give it another hour and to head in if they continued.

I took a shower and did some important stuff then we left. I about died on the way here and had to tell dh to drive faster. The back labor was coming 4 minutes apart and literally was killing me. He parked in front of the ER and I all but collapsed into a wheel chair.

Nurse checked me at 4 cm and a thin thin cervix. I had to stay on the monitors because of the high blood pressure and was writhing from the back pain. After an hour she checked me and I was 5. They admitted me and I was allowed to walk some. Got the IV and doctor was called. The back pain had me all but dying and I said I wanted the epidural but not too soon. The girl blew 2 veins putting everything in and I had to get in bed and get on a monitor. Nurse checked me and I was a 7! Had to wait half an hour for the doctor and finally got the epidural. My legs are a bit numb but I feel NO back labor.

So now we wait. Was checked an hr ago at that 7 and contractions are showing every 3 mins but I feel great.

Please think of me and my baby cake! I will update later!

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Re: I'm having a baby guise! (cakebatter27)

  • Yay, good luck!!
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  • Good luck!!
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    Good luck!
  • Good luck!

  • Praying for a healthy & safe delivery! Good luck friend!



  • Yay! Good luck!
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  • Yay!!! Good luck! Can't wait to see baby cake!
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  • Yay for cupcake!! Hoping for an easy delivery for you--good luck!


  • yay!!!!! good luck can't wait to see your squishy!
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  • Hope everything's going well. Happy baby day!

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  • Yay!! Good luck!! :)
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  • Good luck and a happy healthy delivery to you! Yay!



  • Thanks ladies! 10 cm just laboring down and they're trying to turn this little cupcake because she's still sunny side up!

    BFP #1 11.10.13 EDD 07.22.14 Stick baby cake!
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  • Good Luck!!

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    Ooh good luck!! My epidural changed my life and totally saved me from my back labor - glad you're feeling relief!

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  • Yay. Good luck. Can't wait to to see pics of your lil' cutie cake.
  • Good luck hope things go safely and quickly!
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  • Good luck!

  • Cake cake cake cake!!! Good luck to one of my fav bumpies!

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  • Yay! It's finally your turn! Good luck!!
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  • Whooooo hooooooo!

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  • Good luck!!!
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    Good luck can't wait to see the baby!!!
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