Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Amazing how it hits you...

Today was a pretty bad day...
1. My hemorrhoids are acting up.
2. I think I'm trying to get a yeast infection.
3. My Hubby's out of town for work.
4. I'm fighting depression because of losing the baby. I'm trying not to dwell but sometimes switching gears in the brain just doesn't work. Its easier said than done.
5. I decide to get Publix cake during lunch to cheer myself up. After all there is nothing Publix cake can't cure.
6. A coworker comments about me being prego and getting to eat anything I want. Yeah...there goes that cake. Had to explain to them that I lost the baby. Then they thought I was lying or joking. Guess my tears gave away the truth?
7. Come home and its 90° in my house.
8. My AC isn't working because now its only 84° and I've been home for a good 7 hours.
9. Then I got to thinking I'd love to soak in a nice cool bath....wait can't do that because of the D&C.
10. Then I get to thinking how much more miserable and cranky I'd be if I was still prego.
11. Then I start crying wishing I could just be that miserable right now because I'd do it in a heart beat to get my baby back!!

I want my mommy!!!

Re: Amazing how it hits you...

  • EveiiiEveiii member
    That is a shit day! Go get some more cake. Just want to give you a big hug, I hate these types of days but then having a loss on top of it just sucks a billion times worse. Remember tommrow is a new day. I hope all the other things in your life are a bit easier soon. Sending you love.
  • Wow that does sound awful. I'm so sorry.

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  • I'm so sorry for what you are going through and that sounds like a horrible day. I just found out yesterday afternoon my babies heart stopped beating. I  have a D&C scheduled for next week. I know the pain you are going through and it sucks. I will definitely pray for healing for you. It is heartbreaking, and I agree it has been so hard to go to work today and face coworkers when all I want to do is cry.

    T&P for you!
  • @Jenspin73‌ that was me last week. You are in my T&Ps. How far along were you?
  • @Mills0401 I was 9 weeks. We saw a heart beat at 7 weeks. I know it would be worse if I was further along but it still hurts. How far along were you? Was this your first pregnancy? I am scheduled for a D&C next week. I have a cough so hopefully I get better so I can still get the procedure. I just want to start healing and feel like I can't till I have the procedure. 
  • Sorry your day sucked! I hope tomorrow is better and every day after. I'm with you on fighting depression...I don't know how to dwell on anything else let alone stop thinking about my baby every moment. Hang in there
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  • @farniegal‌ thank you

    @Jenspin73‌ when I went for my first u/s I should have been 8wks but hey said 6wks. When I sent back 2wks later for a follow up u/s because the heart beat was on the low side they said the baby had not grown and there was no longer a heart beat. I should have been around 10wks because I can just about pinpoint when I ovulated within 24-48 hours depending on when the sperm met the egg. This was my second pregnancy though. I had my dauhter who is now 8 2wks after I turned 19. Funny how this ones due date would have been 6days before my daughters bday had the Dr not of pushed it back because the baby was measuring 2wks behind. And I was stressing that it would start sibling rivalry and show up on my oldest bday or I'd be in the hospital on her bday. That seems so petty now. Sorry...I actually had my d&c last Thursday. I wanted to get it over with. This week has proven to be worse than last week. I think its because my husband isn't here (he gave me strength last week) and I feel so alone. Just a heads up for the d&c make sure u eat plenty of fiber before hand and after cuz it took me 3 days before I had to poop after the procedure and now t has my system all messed up. The pain pills they gave me got me constipated.
  • Def shitty day. Wtf about your coworker? I'm so sorry.
  • @sandc63‌ yeah who would lie about something like that?
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