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If you are giving your baby food now....

What have you fed him or her so far? When do you plan to do 2x a day? I've fed DS sweet potatoes and squash. Wondering what may be good next.
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Re: If you are giving your baby food now....

  • Although I'm waiting until 6 months, our pediatrician discussed solids with us at the 4 month appointment (he said we can start then). He said there is no right or wrong way to do solids, but if we wanted a template to follow:

    - Start with rice cereal for 3 days
    - After that, add in a vegetable (any kind) twice a day. Once between the second morning and lunch nursing session/bottle, and one between the afternoon and dinner nursing session/bottle. (In his example, there were 5 nursing sessions: morning, second morning, lunch, afternoon, dinner).
    - Wait three days before moving onto a new food.
    - Then introduce fruits.

    He said no meat or anything yet and that we'd discuss that at the next appointment. There weren't any produce items I was told to avoid.

  • The recommendations we are given in the Uk is to try one new veg/fruit a day unless you have allergy histories in the family, in which case take it slower. Also add in meats when you are ready and feel up for it.

    The only things off limits are shellfish and honey. Other than that it's just what you did during pregnancy - cook meats through, avoid unpasteurised foods, etc.

    I can't wait to start!! I spent the weekend making purées and thinking about finger foods :) only 6.5weeks till 6months..... Haha! The kid isn't even slightly interested yet :( with my luck she won't be for ages despite how excited I am!
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    Avocado is a great first food!
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  • I had planned to wait until 6 months but DS had other plans. So far we have tried some rice cereal mixed with breast milk, avocado, banana and sweet potato. I am just giving him a little bit of something once a day about an hour or so after he nurses, usually in the morning. 


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    We did sweet potato so far -- starting yesterday. We wanted to try to skip over cereal and start with veggies. First time, LO didn't seem to know what to do with the spoon. She just sort of stared and played with it. Second time, we started with a little formula on the spoon, which she ate. After a few more spoons of formula (which I think helped her make the connection that spoon = food), we tried the sweet potato again, and she loved it -- bouncing in her chair with excitement and begging for more. :)

    Pedi said we could give it to her twice a day, breakfast-time and dinner-time, about 30-60mins after bottle, so that's what we're doing right now. We are giving up to a Tbsp per feeding (which she finished last night and ate about 2/3 this morning).
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    We've done peas, squash, sweet potatoes, bananas all thinned with formula- and some cereal (just) rice to get started

    edit to add cereal

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    We had planned to wait until 6 months; but he was showing signs of being ready and trying to "steal" our food. 

    We did baby oatmeal and then added in fruits and veggies slowly. He usually now gets oatmeal mixed with a fruit at lunch and a veggie (or two; or a veggie and fruit) at dinner time. He eats with us. 

    We have done: 

    Grain: baby oatmeal

    Veggie: Squash, Carrot, Green Bean, Sweet potato

    Fruit: Peaches, Mango, Apple Pear

    He doesn't love the oatmeal. He loves green beans, the plum organics squash, and mangoes. 

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  • Ya I skipped cereal for now but feel like he is ready for another meal too. He gobbles up the food at dinner
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  • DS4 started eating baby cereal mixed with formula for late breakfast for a few days, usually around 9ish. Then I gave him sweet peas at dinnertime for a couple of days, then carrots, then bananas. He was showing signs of being interested, and watches me eat, especially when I'm holding him, even took a sip of water from my cup, lol. I haven't been giving him a whole lot of baby food, he enjoys it, but I want his tummy to get used to all the different foods before upping the volume.
    FTR, he is 5 months + 1 week old.
  • They are fed solids for lunch and dinner. We still feed them either rice cereal or oatmeal along with a fruit or veggie. I make their food and so far they have had: carrots, squash, green beans, apples, applesauce and sweet potato.
  • We do oatmeal mixed with fruit and breast milk for breakfast around 9ish. I also mix her vitamins in it. She gets a fruit around lunchtime and a veggie fir dinner. We don't do 3X every day but pretty often.

    So far we've done these-

    Fruit- apples, plums, peaches, pears, watermelon, bananas, avocado

    Veggies- squash, sweet potato, carrots, cucumber

    Spices- cinnamon, nutmeg

    I plan on doing peas next then green beans. We do the 3 day rule.
  • She's 5.5 months. We started solids at 4 months per pediatricians advice
  • Also, we did the three day rule with spices as well. Those were the only new thing we introduced during that time.
  • Our pediatrician said we could start at 4 months and if he was wanting to eat from his bottle every 2 hours or earlier, we should start sooner rather than later bc they overload their body with calories and actually getting nutrition that way.
    She said to start with rice cereal, then try oatmeal cereal, then vegetables, then fruit. She said start with 1 meal a day, then 2 meals per day when LO reaches 5 month.
    After you do the cereals, you're supposed to start with veggies rather than fruit, or they won't want to eat vegetables. That's what she said at least. And that we could introduce something new every 4 days. LO will be ready to start oatmeal tomorrow. He's been doing great with the rice cereal so far.
  • We did thicker cereal three times then went to veggies. Started with sweet potatoes. We followed orange veggies- fruit-green veggies. But since fruit wasn't going over great we skipped to green before we do the rest of fruits.

    She eats anywhere from 3times a day ( sitter does this) or 2 timeS. Lunch and dinner. She just isn't a morning eater formula or food. Literally she won't eat until ten if she's up at 5

  • When you start lunch/dinner meals do you give a bottle/nurse first and then offer the meal OR replacing that session with food and reducing the # of bottles or nursing. Does that make sense?

    I remember with my son I stressed over it but he naturally dropped bottles until 12 months when we were completely done with bottles. I just can’t remember how we got it going. Hoping to start food here in the next 4 weeks.
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