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Baby skin issues

Hey all! Kahlan has had what I think is eczema for about a month. I think it's getting worse. Any one have anything like this?

Re: Baby skin issues

  • DD#1 gets patches of eczema like that, typically where an irritant has been right next to her skin. We keep the area clean and dry plus we use a low dose cortisone crewam, it is the only thing that seems to clear it up. She seems to be outgrowing her skin issues , so hopefully your LOs will be short lived also.

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  • We don't have that, but has anything changed in your routine in the past month?  New detergent?  I wonder if it could be food related?
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  • @BoothBaby‌ we've been using the same detergent, soap, and fabric softener sheets since she was born. The only food that we introduced around the time this showed up was apples. I noticed the eczema so I didn't intro anything else for a bit and stopped apples. It didn't go away. And didn't get worse when I gave her more. I'm wondering if it could be from the carpet or the dog hair that gets on the carpet....
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