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At Home Date Night

Since LO arrived going out on dates is less frequent... So I am hoping some of you will share your favorite ways to stay connected with your SO at home.

DH and I are going to pick a book to read together so we can talk about it in our own personal "book club".

What kinds of things are you ladies doing?
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Re: At Home Date Night

  • We play soccer together but that doesn't really allow us to connect. I have been wanting to go out on a date for awhile now. :(
  • We used to cook and try out new recipes together. We tried to do that today and it was a huge failure. It started with baby in the bouncer with us in the kitchen while we prepped. A few minutes in he needed a change and fed so MH took over while I nursed. That lasted about three minutes because apparently the man can't cook from a recipe. So I took over when J was done eating and MH took baby duty. Then J got fussy and MH kept calling me out of the kitchen every few minutes while I'm trying to cook three things at once. Eventually he tried to hand him off to me entirely but then didn't help with dinner. It all ended in a big fight about him not helping around the house enough. (Seriously the man mows the lawn once a week for 30 minutes and watches the baby while I shower and he thinks he deserves a damn medal.)

    So yeah, don't do that unless your husband is less of an asshat than mine is.
  • After putting baby down we've enjoyed a glass a wine, favorite dessert and watched comedy. ... we use to go to the improv a lot, so it's our version of the improv date night at home.
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  • I like the Dating Divas website for date ideas. Their dates are generally pretty cutesy (which I like) and require some prep. They even have a whole category for at home dates. I usually use their ideas as inspiration and make them easier and more our style.

    We have also embraced lunch dates! Much easier to pull off!

  • We will make dinner or order take out and eat it out on the patio after the babies go to bed.  It makes it feel like we're "out" to eat because we're not in a kitchen with a sink full of dirty dishes or in a living room surrounded by toys.  We have had some of our best conversations out there.  We save the money of a sitter by just bringing the monitor out with us.
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  • It is a bummer how hard it is to figure out connecting after a baby arrives. The logistics just totally change! We have been trying some new things, but I get super bored by TV and movies. Part of my struggle is that we have a night owl baby. No matter when I try to put this baby to bed she is a 9/9:30pm kind of girl. Doesn't matter if we start the routine at 5:30 or 8:59.

    @matthewmegan‌ I also really like eating on our patio. I get so tired of feeling cooped up in the house! I want to try doing a fire in our little pit after LO goes to sleep and being the monitor.
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  • I just want to the OP that I'm sorry I hijacked your thread yesterday. I needed to vent but this wasn't the place for it.
  • It's tough to find time to bond with DH lately since he works an awful swing shift this month (mon tues 6 am - 2 pm, wed 2 pm-10pm, fri sat 10 pm-6am) and I work 9-5 mon-fri. most days he has to leave for work by 8:30 pm or be in bed to sleep by then, and LO doesn't go to bed until 8:30 so that doesn't leave time for mommy/daddy alone time.

    yesterday though DH said screw sleep and just stayed up with me until 11pm. we sat in the hot tub and drank wine and talked. it was glorious! we don't have a baby monitor because the house is so small we never needed one, so we called each other and put the phones on speakerphone with one on mute so LO couldn't hear us but we could hear him and left one near his crib. it worked great. I think even if you don't have a hot tub it would be a lot of fun to do this in the bath tub (light some candles!) or even just have wine out on the porch swing. chill out, look at the stars :)

    We also have lit the fire pit a few times. I've even put sleeping LO in his carrier and just worn him out there. this has been fun but not quite as fun since the mosquitoes are bad in the far back of the yard. maybe this fall will be better.

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  • We're trying to get in the habit of doing a nightly run. We can put DD in the jogging stroller and make it a family affair. Problem: I'm tired and lazy by the time he gets home from work. :(

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