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Food allergy?

I just gave LO her first sweet potato two days ago and she's got a rash on her face. Anyone experienced a food allergy already?
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Re: Food allergy?

  • Yes LO broke out in hives 2 weeks ago. Not sure from what tho. Might have been pears but she'd had them twice b4. Or maybe a friend's cat or dog or God knows what else!
  • DD might have had a reaction to blueberries...her pedi recommended we try yogurt on her and she did fine with the apple flavor yogurt, but got a rash after eating the blueberry flavor. I stopped giving her the blueberry one for now and only giving her the apple one so I can make sure its not the yogurt. Since it doesn't appear to be yogurt, so I'm going to try giving her straight blueberries this week sometime. 
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