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"OMG your bump is so tiny!!!!"

Why do people have to comment on bump size at all? I had a bunch of women tell me this morning how tiny my bump is and I don't look pregnant at all, where is she hiding, etc. Been hearing this from DH and family too.

I'm sure this is meant as a compliment (??) but it actually makes me nervous. This is my first baby and it makes me wonder if everything is ok and if she's growing alright. Had my 20 week a week ago and was told she's measuring right on track with weight and everything else, but still.

Anyone else getting comments from people that you're "so big" or "so small"?
Is it annoying or what? Hahah.
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Re: &quot;OMG your bump is so tiny!!!!&quot;

  • Yes mine is very tiny too but I am 18 weeks. I get nervous too and then I google baby bumps at 18 weeks and see all of the variety of people's bumps and feel better haha. Some people still have a flat stomach. 

    As long as your doctor is saying its good I would not worry :)

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  • aetgaetg member
    I got that a lot with my first. I attributed it to having a long torso and a uterus that was tilted back. I was very small even to the end.

    I guess we will see what happens this time.
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  • My mom actually told me a few weeks ago that I looked farther along than what I actually am (I was about 20 weeks at the time, am now 22 weeks), but last week I had three people in 1 day tell me how tiny I am. As long as your doctor tells you the baby is healthy I wouldn't worry too much about it. Everyone's bump will be different, and a lot of people who haven't been pregnant for a while tend to forget that, lol. Enjoy and congratulations! :D
  • Haha, I definitely have had aunts and uncles asking if there are 2 in here!
  • Yep, people are dumb. I had people asking me how many MONTHS I had left when I was overdue with DS.

    I didn't mind the bump comments so much on their own, but several times people implied that DS was going to be too small, that I needed to eat more, etc. Excuse me?! (He came out perfectly healthy and 7 lbs 15 oz!)

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  • Yes with my first I remember I was 6+ months along and a girl said that rxact thing OMG your bump is so tiny, you can't tell your pregnant. I felt offended because of course I eanted the entire world to see I WAS pregnant. Btw my bump was visible.

    This time around I just don't care. I've had a bump since about 8-10w, pops out so much faster in further pregnancies, but I can still hide it under a floaty top. Who cares what people say. I bet you the next woman would be soooo happy to hear that.... So many ladies struggle with weight and body image, so if they heard they looked tiny at halfway prego I'm sure they would be elated.
    And that means that whatever 'people' say it's always the wrong thing to wrong person...
    So just ignore it.
  • People always seem to comment that either you're huge or you're tiny. We went to dinner right before heading in for induction (39w4d) and a couple of older ladies told me I needed a new doctor because there was no way I was more than 7mo. Carrying small doesn't mean there's anything wrong, DD has always just been small.
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  • This happened to me with DD and I felt very nervous about it too.  DD was measuring small as well in my ultrasounds so when people would say those things it was really nerve wracking thinking she wasn't growing at all.  People just suck and they usually think it's a complement.  I am really tall and have a long torso so I hide the bump better but still!


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  • I wish people would just learn to tell a pregnant woman she looks beautiful and not make any other comments.

    I was HUGE with DS, but when I was pregnant with DD, I got a few comments about how small I was. I agree with the other comments that people think it's a compliment, but it sure can get irritating.

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  • It's easy to say you should just ignore it but when you are nervous that things are going well or that the baby isn't growing it's hard not to let it bother you.  


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  • i always BIG so I hear...wow you are big for only being (how ever many weeks)...it pisses me off...I usually get...are you carrying twins??  I just want to slap those people.  Wait till total strangers start touching you.  With my first, I was in public and this girl came up to me, LIFTED UP MY SHIRT so she could see my bare belly and started rubbing on me.  She knew my husband (at the time) but I only met her once.  I was so pissed!  I saw a shirt that says something like don't touch the bump.  I'm tempted to get that! Then when the baby comes, I saw a onsie  on pinterest that says my mom doesn't want your advice.  I want that too!
  • People want to make a comment. Get used to it or tell them off. People will make comments about your baby too, he/she is so big/small. People just like to say "stuff". It doesn't mean anything, just words.
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  • I'm at 22 weeks and it looks like I'm at 12. My doctor says it's nothing to worry about! Everybody is different.
  • JenLy2012 said:
    It's easy to say you should just ignore it but when you are nervous that things are going well or that the baby isn't growing it's hard not to let it bother you.  
    I mean if it's the lady at the checkout ::shrug::.  If some doctor who identified themselves as a OB ran up on you on the street and commented all concerned abut the size I can see getting a little nervous.  But random people have no idea what they are talking about, why let it bug you on that level.  

    I git different reactions all the time from all kinds of people.  I just kept it moving.  
  • People keep telling me I'm carrying small. I'm having twins. I've been measuring about six weeks ahead. People are effing LIARS.

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  • It is meant to be a compliment :-)

    With my 2nd pregnancy, I was already morbidly obese, so I was sensitive about my weight and size anyway... But when someone asked me if I was carrying a single baby or a litter of puppies, I went home and cried.

    This time and the last, I am far healthier at a pre pregnancy size 6/8, so when I'm told "your tummy is so teeny" or "wow you look great pregnant" I say thank you and move on. People usually don't mean harm with comments like this. :-)
  • It's better than "Are you sure it's not twins?" My husband's boss said that to me last time when I was about 5.5 months pregnant. Granted he was drunk at the time but I was quite offended! His wife apologized and hit him for me.
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  • MaebbMaebb member
    I agree with you OP and PPs who have said that pretty much the only appropriate thing to say about a pregnant woman's appearance is "you look fabulous" or "you look beautiful." No other assessments about size are necessary. "You look huge" or "you look tiny" could both be hurtful, even if they're not intended that way.

    I usually just ignore the comments or tell them my doctor says I'm right on track, and baby is doing great.
  • Well is this you first kiddo? How far along are you? It's probably likely that you don't look pregnant or your bump really is tiny. It will probably be like that for a while. I never had that big baby bump until my 3rd trimester. When I thought I was big and showing I still got "you don't even look pregnant". Get over it. It won't be the last time you hear it

    It's a BOY

  • BeevolBeevol member
    People love to say annoying and rude things to pregnant women. 

    Bodies are different and that's why your doctor is measuring your fundal height at your prenatal appointments. If people could tell how far along and how healthy a pregnancy was just by looking at your belly, your OBGYN would feel like an idiot for having gone to school and trained for 10+ years to learn how to do it. :P 
  • It is my first, and I'm 21 weeks tomorrow. I definitely think it's there and somewhat noticeable but like you guys say, it depends on who you talk to--some people see it, some don't. Comments like this aren't the end of the world but they are mildly annoying. :P

    I do try to focus on the fact that she is healthy according to my Dr., but damnit if these comments don't get in my head just a little.
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  • I get this ALL THE TIME! I'm 36w tomorrow and I can't stand it. I'm not a big person to begin with... Why should I have a "bump" that is HUGE? I'm growing on track. If I had a big bump I'm sure they would say " wow you're ready to pop!" (Eye roll). I just go with it, smile and change the subject.
  • I get comments such as "You don't look 6 months", or " You're all belly". I've even gotten the "You look like you haven't gained any weight" from one person. It is annoying for sure but people are going to say dumb and annoying things. It's just the way it is and I just ignore people.
  • Overall people have a really vague idea of how big a bump should be.  And that bump is usually around the size of a 6 month bump.  its the size you see in the movies and on tv.  So any thing that is bigger or smaller then that (no matter where you are in the pregnancy) looks odd to them.

    Its really not meant as an insult.  They are just making conversation.  Don't let it stress you out. You have had the u/s and your doc has told you everything is fine.  Listen to your doctor, not the lady at the grocery store.  


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  • of course you could awlays get the comment I did - keep in mind i only gained 15 pounds the entire pg, but am very short wasted so I was ALL baby.

    lady- when are you due?
    me- 6 weeks
    lady- 6 weeks? no way you can't be due in 6 weeks.  it has to be sooner
    me- nope, 6 weeks, June 8th
    lady- oh.....well you may want to lay off the chocolate chip cookies then
    me - 


    A kiss he will never forget- Disney World 2014

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  • Oh wow, hard to believe some of the things people have said to you ladies! People have no filters.
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