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Yeast infection??

Sorry in advance this may be TMI.  I had my D&C Thursday and Sunday realized I was constipated/hemorrhoids were acting up.  I used what I normally use (preparation H and the wipes).  Yesterday I noticed that I was getting a little irritated around my clitoris part and it kinda itched.  I put a call in to my OB/GYN to see what I can take/do for this (still waiting on a call back hoping they call before lunch so I can get what I can use during lunch).  Not sure if anyone else has had this problem before.  I don't know if it could just be irritation from having to use pads (normally I just use tampons), or my soap (was using Poise feminine wash but switched to Dial thinking maybe that was causing the irritation), or a yeast infection starting which I would think would be a bad thing since I'm not suppose to insert anything.  Any help or advise would be great! Thanks. 

Re: Yeast infection??

  • Thanks @heartbot I actually didn't know some of that. I did call my Dr office and they said I can use some anti itch cream but not vagasil (which is what I normally use) and to use dove sensitive skin soap.
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