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How many times a day do you give your LO baby cereal? I do it
Every meal and I'm not sure why! Is it more filling?

Re: Cereal-

  • I give DD oatmeal for breakfast and I will occasionally use it to thicken her food if I make it too soupy when I purée. Otherwise only 1x per day at breakfast.
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  • What do you mamas give the rest of the day? Fruits and veggies? We started yogurt, meatballs and chicken if they are made.
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    I have been doing a mix of table food and purées. When I make soft foods that dissolve easy she gets some of that.
    My pedi didn't give any specific food recommendations. She said I can feed DD anything I want except honey. I try to wait 3 days between potential allergens.
    Ex: from yesterday
    Oatmeal made with goat milk and cinnamon
    Lunch: pears and some Cheerios to munch
    Dinner: squash/zucchini mix, pork roast (blended a little with water) and sweet potatos

    Eta: at dinner I put her food on a plate and feed her variety so she can begin to understand the idea of dinner. She loves eating table food like a big girl.
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  • I make maybe 3/4 oz oatmeal and give with about an oz of yogurt for breakfast. Whichever puree I have for lunch, thickening with oatmeal if I need to. And feed the rest of lunch's puree (if there is any) along with food from my plate for dinner.
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    I feed oatmeal with fruit puree in the morning and sometimes add it to her veggies at dinner to increase calories. 
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    LO gets oatmeal with a fruit mixed in for breakfast, a veggie for lunch, and a fruit for snack around 3.  Dinner is all over the place.  Sometimes he gets soft table foods and other times I'll feed him something pureed. 
  • I only give cereal in the morning. We've done oatmeal and brown rice cereal. I just bought some oatmeal and banana cereal which I'll offer once he's tried bananas. 
  • I usually do it in the morning. But she hasn't gotten it for a while because she was having some constipation issues.
  • She usually gets oatmeal once a day as a mid morning snack.
  • Is oatmeal more constipating than rice cereal?
  • We don't give cereal. He got so bunged up on it. So we do puffs, lots of fruits and veggies and he likes chicken. We are doing mostly BLW though so I guess that's why? we do give some purée's just so he can taste some different veggies because god knows I don't have that much variety within the week. And sometimes purée's are just easier when we are traveling. Which we've been doing a lot of this summer! I also have been spreading hummus on mum mum crackers too for some protein.
  • Mine gets some form of cereal 3x a day with each meal, neither of my boys ever filled up on only fruits and veggies. For example 2 tbs rice cereal for breakfast with 1/2 container of veggie. Lunch is same with rest of veggie and maybe oatmeal instead. Supper is 3-4 tbs of multi grain with a container of veggie and a piece of toast and puffs and some yogurt bites. We have had to withdraw his fruits because it makes his reflux worse and he stopped sleeping at night and drinking milk during the day. My ds2 is on the younger side of the group 12/31.
  • Oatmeal for breakfast.  Lunch dinner are fruits or veggies, and I use the oatmeal to thicken his food when needed....the stuff I puree myself is usually thick enough on it's own, but the Gerber foods always need thickened. 

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  • amberpro said:

    It's been so long since I've given cereal that I saw this post and came in legit ready to reply Golden Grahams or Lucky Charms.

    He eats real oatmeal sometimes.

    Lucky charms are my fave
  • Love lucky charms!! I used to get so pissed at my little bro because he would fill up a whole bowl and then not eat it.
  • We buy Lucky Charms once a year for St. Patrick's Day. I look forward to that cereal 100000x more than I do green beer...
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