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How many hours between last nap and bedtime?

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Sometimes my LO gets up from second nap at 1pm and then won't nap again. so we do an early bedtime becuase of melt down city.

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Re: How many hours between last nap and bedtime?

  • Depends on how long his other naps were (read= if he was in my arms or the bed) but usually he goes down from 5-6 for last nap, but always up by 6:30 or he won't go to bed until 2 hours past bedtime.
  • Definitely try to make it 2-3. Sometimes she is so tired by 5:30 because of a bad afternoon nap but I push it until at least 6:15, then nurse her for like a half hour before she passes out. I swear we will never have a schedule though, her naps are not consistent.


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  • About 4 hours. I put her down for her long nap of the day around 1. Usually she will sleep about 2 hours, sometimes longer if her morning nap was nonexistent.  She goes to bed at 7.
  • LO has been going to sleep for the night at 11 for the past week and a half. Her last nap has been at 7ish. I panic when she naps at 8 because that means she'll stay up later. I miss her old schedule.

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  • I voted 3-4, which usually means a 6pm bedtime.
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