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Baby sharing room with toddler!

I have a 1 year old son. He'll be 19 months when my daughter is born. I saw some great ideas on pinterest for baby boy and girl sharing rooms. I have a 2 bedroom apt and no money to move right now. I was wondering if anyone else has tried having babies share a room and how did it work out ?

Re: Baby sharing room with toddler!

  • I assume you will keep the baby with you for the first few months until she is sleeping better so I don't think this will be an issue.  My LOs are 19.5 mos apart and while they do not share a room normally they do whenever we sleep away from home and did while we lived with my parents for 2 months this spring.  They did fine.  Also, I have a boy and girl.  Not an issue.  
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    We're planning to have our daughters share a room (after that first 2-3 months of constant night waking/breastfeeding during which LO will sleep in my room). 

    DH and his brother are 23 months apart and shared a room until DH went to college - the only one of his siblings who didn't share a room until he moved out was the youngest. And, my best friend shared a room with her older sister until the sister went to college, then they went to the same school and were roommates again! 

    A brother and sister probably can't comfortably share a room through High School, but until the older one starts getting closer to puberty, I don't see an issue with it. I'd say you have a solid 5 years of room sharing possible to you at least, and even then your boy will only be 7. 
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  • Our baby will be sharing a room with our DS2 (who will be almost 2) for a little while before we officially move. I am just doing a pack n play since it (should) be very temporary. I am nervous about it but my DS2 is a really laid back kid and sleeps great. Hopefully they do well together.
  • DD is 5 we have her the option of giving up her play room or sharing a room when LO turned 1. She wants to share a room with her little sis. Who knew. I don't think it will be an issue for you.
  • We kept my second in our room until he was sleeping a little better, so about 7mos or so and then my boys shared a room. My first is a pretty hard sleeper so it worked out really well. We are now in a 3 bedroom house and gave my oldest the option of having his own room and he refused. They love sharing.
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  • All three of mine share a room currently and have from the beginning.  We made the other bedroom a playroom.  We just kept the baby in with us until he was about 6 months old.  Someone wakes up in the middle of the night every night for various reasons and it does not wake or bother the others.  It will be totally fine!

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  • My sister and I were older when we shared a room - 12 and 6 - but it was actually kind of fun. We spent a lot of time together in the family areas of the house during the day anyway, so it was just basically sleeping. We moved into a house when I was 14 and I got my own room, which was probably a good thing. 

    But I think little ones might actually like the company :) Like others have said, I wouldn't put them together right away. Wait until the baby is sleeping more through the night.
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