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STMs sleep question

So I'm just curious because I find myself continuing to think "oh I'm sure LO's sleep will be normal/STTN by a year". But then I realized I have no idea if that's true. Just for some reason when I keep telling myself this is only a season I always imagine that it'll be over by a year. Is there any merit to this thought? For those whose LOs woke up (just because, not to eat), at what age did you notice it getting better?

Re: STMs sleep question

  • My 2.5 year old wakes up at night and comes to bed with us. Part of it is the parenting style (never sleep trained and let him sleep with us), part is just the kid, part is circumstance like the fact that he just moved to a bed so is sleeping worse just like our LOs are with milestones like crawling, teething, etc. he has certainly slept through the night, but never consistently. Judging by the sleep poll, many already do so it just depends I suppose!
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  • I think a lot depends on how consistent you are at setting up good habits ( consistent sleep schedule and routine) I also recommend sleep training , which is more then just cio. My DD did not sttn, meaning zero wake ups until 15 months. It was brutal. I am doing sleep training earlier this time.

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    FutureMrsCaesar[Deleted User]
  • 12 months is by no means a 'magic' number but around there it should start getting better but still may not be perfect. Ds2 isn't the greatest sleeper and was still waking multiple times up until 12 mo. But around 12-18 months they are able to comprehend a lot more, such as when you leave their room you're not actually gone, etc. they're probably also off the boob & bottle by that time so that's not even an option. We got to a point whereif Andrew woke up one of us could go sing him a song and leave and he might cry for 1-2 mins but it wasn't a big thing anymore. And just when you get sleeping down it will be time to move toa big boy bed and start all over ;) Like someone else said, if you stick with a consistent nighttime routine your toddler will respond much better than an infant will, so be consistent.
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