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Baby clothes advice

Hi D13 Moms! I'm a D14 mom to be and looking for advice on what type and quantity of baby clothes were most useful to get you through the first few months with a winter baby, esp if u are in a colder climate I know sizing will depend in the baby. But any advice is great! Thanks

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  • Something else I really liked having were zip up jackets/hoodies. I never got my LO a coat, but when we went out I put him in a long sleeve shirt and a zip up hoodie. Carter's had them labeled as terry zip up hoodies. They worked in the spring to with a short sleeve shirt.
    I'm also a snap pjs fan for some reason.
    I also felt like I never had enough pants. He had onesies for days, but not pants. The ones that come in a pack of 2 or 3, not like jeans or nice pants.
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    Sleepers. Lots of them. We couldn't use fleece ones because she would get too hot. We live in VA so that gives you an idea of the weather.
  • I had zipper sleepers that zipped from the top down to the bottom. They were awesome because you could unzip them to the waist but no further. The ones that zip from bottom to top are a pita. Idk where they came from though because they were a gift.
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    For infants I'm Team Snaps. (For my 8 month old I wish I had zippered pjs! It's like wrestling an alligator!) Footed sleepers and pants... Because socks NEVER EVER stay on! Fleece zip up hoodies... Because thick coats and car seats are a no go. A shower cap style cover for the car seat is a must as well.
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  • Team zippered sleepers. I dressed lo in sleepers/ sleep and play plus a onsie under. I suggest ten of each. Babies go through a lot of clothes.

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  • Lots of sleepers/jammies for sure. Outfits are cute but let's face it, it's no fun to dress a newborn. We didn't use hats, or jackets really to be honest. I do live in CA so it doesn't get crazy cold, but any time we went out LO was already wearing something long sleeve & we just covered her in her car seat really well with a blanket. Then once we got inside we didn't have to deal with taking a jacket on & off.
  • Cotton snap sleepers and cotton SwaddleMes were what we needed here! Both my Dec babies ran hot and fleece didn't work for us. We also preferred the snaps for quicker diaper changes, but looks like we're in the minority.

    For 12 months and under Carter's is my favorite brand that's affordable - everything is so soft! Baby Gap is pretty good too but the sizing can be weird .

    Good luck to you!
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  • We really liked the fleece snowsuits (the kind that look like an oversized sleeper with a hood that goes on over baby's clothes and is thin enough to be safe in a car seat). That said, the problem we always had was that we'd bundle baby up for the cold, and then we'd get where we were going and worry about the baby overheating - but we wouldn't want to wake him up to take the snowsuit off. When he was in the car seat (whether in the car or just on the stroller base), we therefore often just put him in normal clothes and a hat, then a warm blanket over the straps, then the shower cap-style cover (we also liked the Cozy Cover). When we were wearing him, though, or walking around a lot outside - both of which we did a lot, as we live in a city and walk everywhere - he'd be in the snowsuit. (Bonus points for the super cute teddy bear ears!) Alternatively, you can get a baby wearing coat that goes over you plus the baby, so you don't need to take him out to get layers off when you're back inside. I didn't get one, but as it got warmer or if we were going a short distance, I'd dress him normally and then just cover him with a hat and a blanket while we were outside. (As you can tell, I spent a lot of time over thinking this amidst the polar vortex freezes and blizzards!)

    On the snaps vs zippers debate, I go back and forth. To really complicate the debate, we had a few with magnets, which I thought would be the clear winner, but they were only ok. Another good option for sleeping is those little gowns with a bunched-up hem. The swaddle keeps them in place and they're easy for a diaper change.

    Otherwise, I agree that it's all about sleepers for the first few months. We had a super soft, warm cashmere blanket from my parents that we used just about every day until it got warm, and we did hats whenever we left the house. I also liked the one zippered fleece we had (and wished we had 1-2 more), especially for days when the fleece snowsuit was overkill. Once it got a little warmer, little cotton zippered jackets were great.
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  • LO lived in long sleeve onsies and leggings during the day and sleepers and a swaddle at night. Carters take me home sets were perfect :)
  • Thanks for all of the advice! So helpful! I wasn't aware of sleepers that zipped bottom to top or shower cap car seat covers. So much to learn :)
  • I also recommend swaddle sacks. Mine broke out of all swaddles but this. It was a life saver. And don't get too much fleece. Get a mix of that an cotton. Your LO might run warmer and over heat in the fleece!
  • DD felt like she was on fire and sweat up a storm in fleece stuff so I definitely say layer with cotton.
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  • We live in Chicago and got so much use out of our bear suit. He wore it every time we went outside.


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  • @dollypardon so cute! Where is that from?
  • We had one bear suit that zipped all the way down one leg (Faded Glory brand - I think that's Wal-Mart?) and one that zipped down to the crotch (Old Navy). The one that zipped down the leg was MUCH easier to get him into.
  • Cotton is great my baby lived in Zip Up sleepers, footies and carters cardigan sets... Then I would layer as needed. Fleece is cozy at times...but can end up a sweaty mess! I bought fleece blankets but combined then with muslin blankets to layer/combine comfy and warmth. If you buy fleece sleepers dress baby in a cotton onesie underneath :) check Zulily they're having Christmas in July, tons of winter things at better prices
  • Like everyone has said, sleepers.  I used the fleece sleepers with the carseat cover whenever we went out (we're in Ohio and had record cold this past winter).  I did a cotton sleeper and a Swaddleme at night b/c LO was a warmer baby.

    I personally hated gowns because LO was a long-legged wiggler and they always ended up at his waist.  Socks don't stay on but are great mittens.  I did find some elastic fleece booties from Old Navy and some velcro fleece booties on Amazon that stayed on LO's feet well.  He wore them every day when he started at the sitter in March. 

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  • I haven't written on here in a while (hi all)!! My little one didn't like to be swaddled so all the swaddle blankets and even swaddle gowns she didn't really like. (My advice would be not wash all of them until you know if your LO likes them) I live in TX so it gets cold, but not compared to most places. 0-3 I loved the gerber gowns and sleep in plays. But my LO was very long (21.5 at birth) so I quickly became a fan of the Carters sleep and plays (have no feet) because she grows so quickly that the feet were too confining and she would grow out of too fast. I don't mind snaps bc LO stays warm during colder months. Carter's still is my fav brand and I just always catch the sales and get items for like $6 or less if you catch it right and can get entire next seasons cloths for good price.
  • We felt like we couldn't have enough Pj's, long sleeve onsies and sweat pants. He pretty much lived in his Pj's  in the house and the onsie/sweatpants outfit when we left the house. Baby jeans suck when you need to change them in public multiple times. I live in Boston so it's really cold here but the shower cap thing that went over the infant car seat, a blanket and hat was plenty warm for LO. We didn't bother getting a winter jacket. I'm actually wondering what I'll do this winter since he'll be in a convertible car seat and we won't have that shower cap thing anymore.

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  • You've gotten some fabulous advice. One thing I wanted to mention is that I bought a few of the snowsuit style coats for "going outside" as mentioned above because I live in Minnesota, but they didn't get used at all. I guess it depends on where you live, but I didn't wind up taking DD outside at all for walks or any period of time longer than 2 minutes until March when it was finally above 40 degrees. You can't use them in car seats because they are too cushiony and therefore the straps don't support the baby very well because there is too much slack. I would recommend buying a car seat cover that covers over the top of the car seat (not the ones that line the inside of the car seat). Those keep the baby plenty warm when they're in the car and you don't have to worry about putting a coat on.

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  • I'm joining the fleece sleep sack chorus. I sucked at swaddling and my DS always broke out of them, so we got tons of use out of the fleece Halo sleep sack. We kept him in sleepers with zippers pretty much all of the time. We had about 8-10 cotton ones and a few fleece sleepers. He would get too hot in the fleece sleepers with the fleece sleep sack so we would put him in the cotton sleepers with the fleece sleep sack when he slept. I got mostly 0-3 months sleepers but had a few newborn ones which we used for maybe two weeks. 

    We also had a little bear suit thing like the PP and used it a few times. They're great and super adorable. 
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