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(Baby Shower Vent) Is it just me....

...or does anyone else find it strange when people share their registry information on Facebook. I could almost see if a shower host posted it just for invitees because it was left off the invitation or something, but posting your own registry info for all 500 of your "friends" seems a little tacky. Also, creating an open Facebook event for your own shower is another irritation of the moment for me on Facebook as well. I'm all for big showers, but not hosted by yourself, for your 3rd-4th+ kid in 6 years, and inviting everyone you have ever added to Facebook. (the most unfortunate thing is that it has been multiple of my friends on Facebook doing this) That is all, I just needed to get it out of my system.

Re: (Baby Shower Vent) Is it just me....

  • Yeah that is pretty terrible.  Unfortunately, they probably do it because it works.  
  • I have never seen anyone do either of these things, but if I did, I would be judgey.
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  • I thought maybe I missed a new big thing! LOL. It seems like none of them were ftm's, which made it even weirder to me. At least they didn't also announce a diaper raffle and "books instead of cards" as well!. :)

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    My favorite is the status complaining or commenting on how they spent all day registering at such and such place.


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  • Very tacky.  If people asked her where she'd registered I wouldn't have a problem with her sending individual private messages (or a group private message) to them with the info.  A public announcement and a separate board are ridiculous.

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  • duckie23 said:
    I have never seen anyone do either of these things, but if I did, I would be judgey.
    Same here!
  • You are right.  It's disgusting, and it makes me hate people and also hate Facebook.
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  • I'm put off. Anyone who does that immediately gets their updates hidden... I have a friend who posted something like "I'm only going to share this once and only because so many of you have asked... But we are registered here and here and here. There's not going to be a shower for a number of reasons but if you were wondering where we were registered...."

    I love her but I definitely eye rolled this; especially since she told me privately she resented that her MIL mentioned it once to her DH but never followed through and told me at least 3x that I threw such awesome parties based on pics she's seen and I really should do it.

    Uh, no? We are internet friends for years and have never met in person. You are friends IRL with one of my BFF's but no. I'm sorry.

    She's having multiples, and the kind that would make twins look like a cakewalk, but I don't like the entitled feeling I get.

    Anyway, YES, registries shouldn't be advertised on FB.
  • Totally tacky.

    I have a girl on my fb who posted her invite to her own baby shower after baby was born. Registry info and all. And was an open invite to all her friends on fb.

    So naturally i browse the registry. Essentially it had everything one needs and think they need on it. So Basically she got nothing for her ds and expected everyone on fb to get her all baby things.

    I shuddered the 10 times i seen it shared and re shared.
  • Wow that's a new level of tacky! My cousin was sneekier with her tackiness ... She had her 2nd baby right after her 1sts 1st bday so she had a wish list registry for her firsts 1st BDay and it was all baby/toddler feeding and diapers stuff! I gave him a toy. WTF?
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  • I totally agree with you, OP. I never gave my registry information unless somebody asked for it. Nobody ever did over Facebook, but if they had, i would have private messaged them. I also never threw my own shower. That's just rude.

  • Another reason I am so glad I deleted Facebook 5 years ago. 
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