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Make your own baby food

PSA and question:
PSA: there are some great (free) baby food recipes by age on beaba's website...and you could probably use a blender or food processor if you don't have a beaba.

QUESTION: I am thinking of using breastmilk in my purées. Will it (the BM) still hold nutrients if I freeze the purées in cubes? I know once I thaw a cube I can't re far in advance is it ok to make the food and freeze? She's 4.5 mo we will probably start solids at 6.
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Re: Make your own baby food

  • meowmix12 said:

    I haven't done it yet... BUT I plan to mix the breast milk Into the food when I give it to her not as I make it.

    This! Me too!

  • I see. See I EP and have to go back to work so I'm hoping to stop pumping soon and live off my stash. So I wanted to make food in bulk now bc easy and $$$...
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  • this is how Jamie says no more sweet potatoes please. haaa. ps- she liked them a LOT more without the milk added in. 
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  • benniea said:
    For bananas do you mush them up or just give really small pieces?
    I just cut them up and tossed them in a blender. I didn't even add any water as it seemed liquified enough without it :)
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