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Baby refusing solids?

O is 7.5 months old and for the past week has been refusing her puréed solids. Before this she loved them and would eat anything.

She has been sick for a few days and is possibly teething. Could the refusal be due to this or is it time to start trying solids in their non-puréed form?
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Re: Baby refusing solids?

  • Kahlan kind of did this. She started eating again when we started giving her the spoon to feed herself. She won't be fed now lol
  • My LO just started doing this but he will eat anything he can feed himself (puffs, banana chunks, etc). I think he has just decided he is done being fed by us.
  • When my LO was sick & also when she has been teething she doesn't really want solids. I think it's normal for babies to refuse when they don't feel so great.
  • Thanks ladies! We will just keep trying and not force it if she doesn't want them!
    photo 3b8889a2-29d1-4e36-a8c8-89262b6154a2_zps44ee5850.png
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