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Awesome buy!

Cutting H's nails has been a nightmare, but my friend told me about these and they are amazing!!!! Thought I'd share!
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Re: Awesome buy!

  • Thanks for the great tip! I also have a very difficult time with LO's tiny nails. I will be ordering these today ;)
  • It's been a horrid battle and her nails are super sharp. These are awesome!
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  • Just curious, what makes them better on a squirmy baby than regular baby clippers?
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  • They aren't regular clippers, more like nail scissors. Way easier and faster
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  • They sell nail scissors for babies at Walmart and target. My baby does better with clippers than the scissors for some reason. But my mom said she only used nail scissors with us and it was much better.
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  • jy725jy725
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    I agree that scissors have been much easier for us too!
  • JRT512JRT512
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    I have these, they are great!
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