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Baby related, I hate it when....

-I've just spent 20 minutes hand washing all of the bottles, I think I can go relax and then I remember two more dirty ones in the diaper bag

-I realize LO is ready for the next size diaper....after we just received a huge bulk order of the current size (that we've already dug into so it cannot be returned)
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Re: Baby related, I hate it when....

  • "Omg this new outfit is so cute! that poop?!"
  • Kacie said:

    "Omg this new outfit is so cute! that poop?!"

    Or the outfits just too small and it's the first time their wearing it :(


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  • Finally think LO is asleep and I am exhausted, but I have to pump and prepare bottles. Than as soon as I finally lay down he wakes up.

  • Kacie said:
    "Omg this new outfit is so cute! that poop?!"

    This happened to us last night while at our aunts house for dinner! Brand new outfit! Le sigh, it is now soaking in the sink before going in the wash!
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  • I put Aliviah in the tub get her all soaped up then she poops. Time for a new bath
  • All buckled into car seat but spit up.
    Also driving like 10 minutes home for naptime and she falls asleep for that 10 minutes and then wakes when we get home and will not nap.

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  • She's finally down for a nap when the doorbell rings and the dog goes nuts. There are so many college kids selling things/trying to get donations to save the waterways/rainforest/world/whatever out. I totally need a sign telling people not to knock or ring bell.
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  • The other day she had on a new outfit with a bib. It was time to leave, and I wanted a picture of her outfit. I took her bib off, turned to get the camera, turned back, and her outfit was covered in spit up. So I changed her, went to brush my teeth and heard her pooping.


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