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is this true (regarding period) *siggy warning*

I read on a miscarriage website that you need to have no bleeding or spotting for 20 days before any bleeding counts as a period. I only read it there and can't seem to find any info saying the same thing anywhere else. Most of what I've read on forums does not match this info at all. So is this true? I'm sure I'm weeks out from getting a period anyhow but I was curious.
If it helps the website was

BFP #1 05/03/12 DD: 12/18/12
BFP #2 05/26/14 MMC: 6/26/14 D&C: 7/18/14
BFP #3 10/09/14 MC 10/24/14

Re: is this true (regarding period) *siggy warning*

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    Not true. After you are no longer passing tissue, the heavy bleeding is over, and your hcg levels are back to zero, you can keep spotting for a while and then get your period.

    While most people do stop bleeding and spotting for weeks before their period returns it is by no means something to go by.
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  • As PP mentioned, my dr said it's all about the numbers... when your HCG drops determines when you'll get your period, assuming your body regulates as it should. Each loss I've had, my period returns in about 4 weeks... dr days it could be anywhere from 3-7 weeks on average. So sorry for your loss.
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  • Thanks ladies. That is what I thought. Since I was told I could have spotting for 3 weeks post d&c I couldn't see how you had to have no bleeding for 20 days if your period usually comes back 4-6 weeks after. I found it strange this site was adamant about it but yet I never heard about it anywhere else.

    BFP #1 05/03/12 DD: 12/18/12
    BFP #2 05/26/14 MMC: 6/26/14 D&C: 7/18/14
    BFP #3 10/09/14 MC 10/24/14

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