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Fluid on baby's kidneys found on a/s

I'm trying really hard to stay positive.
We had our anatomy scan at 19 weeks, 3 days. I am now almost 23 weeks. Our baby girl looked perfect, except that she did have extra fluid on both of her kidneys. The Dr. just now informed me and we have a repeat level II ultrasound at 28 weeks. She said often times it clears up on its own, but if it doesn't, that I will see both a high risk OB and a pediatric nephrologist. I am very thankful that is the only negative finding, but I just hate the idea that something may be wrong with our little girl. After losing our first baby, this is just more stressful than I would like.
I was just starting to feel like I could enjoy my pregnancy when my Dr. called me with the news. 
Does anyone have any personal experience or feedback? This 5 week wait is going to drag.
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Re: Fluid on baby's kidneys found on a/s

  • I'm sorry.  I can imagine the wait being excruciating.  I don't really have any advice.  I just wanted to say that I hope you receive only good news at the next u/s.
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  • Praying that your baby is healthy and that you can get some peace of mind. It's scary when your child (in utero or out) is sick or hurt and all you can do is pray.
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  • When I had the AS for DD, I was told she had extra fluid on her kidneys too.

    I went to get ultrasounds every 4 weeks afterwards. The fluid actually increased at one point, but the day after DD was born they did an ultrasound on her kidney at the hospital and there was no fluid!

    I know how worrisome this can be, but even if your baby does end up being born with extra fluid, it usually goes away on its own by the time they are a year old. In the meanwhile, they are just on a low dose of antibiotics to prevent infections and go for regular visits with the specialist.

    The extra fluid on the kidneys is one of the most common things found "wrong" in anatomy scans. I hope you try not to worry about your baby too much and know that it'll all work out.
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  • We were told at our a/s that baby girl looked great but the tech called it "dilatation of the kidneys"... she said not to worry because they see it at least 4-5x/week. Either way they have already referred me to go see the perinatologist at 24 weeks. I'm not sure if that doctor will do the u/s at that point or not but it is absolutely terrible to wait! I will love my baby no matter what but ugh what stress! It's so hard not to think about it for 3 weeks! Good luck @libby-nate, let us know what happens!

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  • Thank you so much to each of you for taking the time to respond! 



  • No experience but sending many T&P's that it clears up soon!  I'm sorry for the added stress.
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  • I personally don't have any experience with this, but my SIL just had a baby boy in april with the issue dating back to the 20 week u/s. She too went back and it didn't clear up. She then had to go weekly for scanning and checking. When he was born, it was still there and 7 weeks later, he had to have surgery to cut out a blockage and a drain put in that led into his little diaper for 10 days. He did fine, and everything looks good now, but he will have to be checked 2x a year I think for 3 years and then annually after that to make sure it doesn't return. I am not trying to scare you! And the doctor said it is rare that this happens, but just sharing the experience with you! good luck and i'm sure everything will work out great :)
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  • I am so sorry that you're having to go through this. I too have had losses before this pregnancy so I understand what you've been through.....I have no advice but I will pray for your angel.
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