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massage psa

A few days after taking the misoprotol I developed a very sore lower back. I could not stand up straight at times.

So I went to Google. I found a licenced massage therapist in my area that specializes is pregnancy and fertility massage. I figured she might be able to help despite me not fitting into either category currently, and I was right.

First she put castor oil and hot stones on my lower abdomen and while they are curing she worked on my shoulders and neck~ typical massage stuff. Then she messaged my lower abdomen with more castor oil. It is supposed to help you body cleanse itself and reduce scarring. I have personally massaged my lower abdomen for years during AF to help my body expedite the process, but she was able too do a more effective job.

Next I flipped over and she went to work on my back and hips. Since the pain was so low it was a lot of butt work, but she said it was common. If i wasn't aching so bad it might have been awkward, but I just wanted my back to stop hurting...I've never had lower back issues prior to my pregnancy.

It really helped me. I'm a little sore today from her working me over, but was a positive experience. I know I would not have been able to get the same results from a spa massage and probably not as effective from a regular lmt. She was trained and certified in pregnancy and fertility massage.

If you are having a lot of pain I would recommend looking in to this option.

Take care of yourself.
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Re: massage psa

  • Massages can help so much for back pain though mine have always been more on the chiropractic side since I have a history of back problems. Just thought I'd add that ThermaCare has heat wraps that you can find at Walmart and other local stores that are great for the in between days - I usually keep a box in my car. Nothing like a transportable heating pad. My back pain has been a lot worse since my loss but I've also had a discectomy and spinal fusion in my lower back a couple years ago that failed as well. Hope the massage clears it all up for you!

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