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Very skinny 13 month old who won't wean... needs to gain weight

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My son is 13 and a half months. He weighs just under 18 lbs. He has not really been gaining weight for the last 3 or 4 months and his growth is more of a line than a curve. His doctor has been telling me not to worry, that most likely he's probably just on the small side. He did have a little blood work done on our son just in case, but they never called me back about it. I'm going to call & check on that.

He has been exclusively breastfed on demand his whole life and it still remains that way, except for some finger food here and there. He's extremely stubborn and picky. I've been trying to wean him but it's not working. He'll only drink about 4 oz of whole milk a day. Most of the time he wants to be breastfed, and every time I feel like he's getting nothing out of it. My milk supply is going way, way down. I feel like he definitely doesn't get enough nor eat enough. He will only eat finger foods, and only now and then. He's just so small and needs to gain weight! It just terrifies me. I feel like it's because I barely have any milk left in me. Yet somehow he acts content, not hungry. I'm so concerned. I don't know how to get him to gain. help? advice?
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Re: Very skinny 13 month old who won't wean... needs to gain weight

  • Has he been tested for any food allergies?
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  • I am pro breastfeeding, still breastfeeding my 19 mo little one, but I've heard people say that they HAD To wean their toddlers because they wouldn't eat anything else but mommy's s breastmilk, and weaning them allowed them to try different things. Sure, it was hard the first daya, but the come around. The issue is that he knows that he can get his favorite food on demand. But you don't worry, if he isn't hungry or sick, it's just a stage. Good luck!
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  • My DS is 21 mo and 18lbs ... At 13 mo she was only 16.5lbs. She's just a small baby but the more milk we give her the less food she eats. If the dr isn't concerned I wouldn't be ... But if you still are then maybe you need to visit another dr for a 2nd opinion. Possible talk to a therapist to see if he has some type of oral adversion to foods? If mine at least nibble I don't worry figuring they will eat when they are hungry.
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  • My kid is the same age and only a hair heavier and he eats like a boss so some kids are just thin.  That said, WHAT are you trying to feed him and what so far does he seem to like?  Toddler eating can really force parents to think outside the box and be creative.  We have a tendency to offer what we know but that doesn't mean they'll like what we like so it may be that there are loads of alternatives out there that maybe you haven't thought of that people could offer up.
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    I can see where you're coming from because my daughter did the same thing. When the boob was available to her all day and night long she didn't eat much either because she knew she'd get the boob. My supply isn't (and never was) great but she got a little bit each time, certainly not enough to gain the weight she needed to gain, but enough to take the edge of hunger, I believe.

    I was told by multiple doctors and the lactation nurse to cut her off cold turkey but didn't have the heart to do it. I did restrict her feedings though so I don't nurse her 2 hours before eating a meal. She's still a picky eater, but she's trying food, before, she'd just resist anything and would want the boob. So maybe try that, not feed her for 1.5-2 hours before a meal.

    Don't worry about 4 oz of milk, sometimes my daughter wouldn't even drink that! If he eating yogurt, cheese, can get the fat and calcium in other food.

    Finally, won't hurt to have him checked by a feeding therapist to make sure there is no underlying issue here.

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