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So I have a home day care lined up for when I go back to work in a few weeks and liked everything about it pre-baby. I visited with my son today and I left bawling my eyes out.

I know some things I can't control and will always worry but she said she will let the two babies share the same pack n play. That's not okay on many levels (cleanliness, safety, etc). She's also licensed and we are Illinois and a big no no per DCFS. Also, they were technically over ratio with 10 kids today and only 2 adults. Also, one adult was in and out of sight while I was there with all those kids. This happens while I'm there? I know I'm that parent who is aware of these things because I've worked in daycares/I'm an educator.

My worry now is am I being a paranoid mommy. Because I can't imagine sending my son there in a few weeks. Ugh! :-(

What are your experiences with home day cares?

Re: Home day care

  • @bandteacher‌ I am thinking so too :(
  • Go with your gut
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  • Definitely start looking now! I have my LO in a home daycare, and it's a very different situation than what you describe. They make ne feel so confident, and you should feel confident too. I really hope you find a new arrangement!

  • Thanks ladies. After crying again to my hubby and two glasses of wine, I did some searching and sent some emails/messages out to people. We are going to address the issues I saw with the day care lady tomorrow as they are important ones. So not what I thought my Friday would be like!
  • If they're willing to break rules in front of a parent, imagine what rules they break when you're not around.  Everyone is human and makes mistakes, but simple safety issues like not having the correct ratio of adults to kids is a big safety issue that could have very bad consequences down the road.  When I worked at a daycare, they took that rule very seriously.  If I was in a room with my correct number of children and one more came in the room to play, I had to either send a child out to another room, or ask another teacher/aid to come in and help supervise.
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  • No no no! Try somewhere else! Not worth it! I hope you can find somewhere that you are much happier with. This situation must suck since you thought it was sorted :(
  • We had the same problem with a daycare center. I'm glad you are finding something new. You can also call the state to report the issue and help protect those other babies. The other parents may not know the laws as well as you do to know something is wrong.
  • 10 kids to 2 adults is over ratio? Are they all babies? Our daycare provider can watch 8 kids per rules but doesn't go above 6 and only 1 baby at a time. 

    I would address your issues with her immediately! 

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  • I'm so sorry you're dealing with this after feeling like you had it all sorted out. I'm glad you're going with your gut. I had a similar gut reaction to an in-home daycare that I really really wanted to like (she was recommended by a colleague) and I ended up going with a daycare center. You know what's best for your little one. I hope you find a place that you feel comfortable with soon.
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