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To share or not to share..?


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Idk i taught mine to share. To have a reasonable amount of time with something and pass it on. I dont believe they should give someone something bc that person is having a tantrum or simply wants it now. That said they all have certain things are a no share fave toy or stuffy etc.

Re: To share or not to share..?

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    I am teaching my daughter to share.  It's not about making people feel entitled that they get something, it's about trying to instill a sense of empathy in your child, IMO.  "No" when my child asks to have something is an acceptable answer, and she gets time out if she proceeds to try to take the toy.  She has to ask, and if the answer is no, then the answer is no.  There are times when my daughter has had one of her toys for a long period of time at play group and other kids are interested and I ask her if she wants to let another kid have a turn.  If she says no, I also leave it at that, but sometimes she'll ask instead to "trade" with a kid who has something she wants.

    I feel like this article is attempting to take all the components of sharing and disregard them under the idea that it can only lead to entitlement.  Sharing is actually a complex process that involves empathy, an understanding of time concepts, as well as understanding the permanence of objects (an object given away isn't necessarily gone forever, it can come back is what I'm trying to say there).  I'm sure there's much more than that that goes into it.
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  • Absolutely! Empathy and also patience for the other child both of which we could use more of in this world
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