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Hey everyone! Im just hitting my second tri and have decided its time to start stocking up on baby gear! Does anyone out there have any advice about manual vs. electric breast pumps? I like the idea of electric, but they are so much more expensive...is there anything actually wrong with a manual one? Thanks! :D

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  • Here are my thoughts on pumps..

    If this is your first, wait until you have the baby so you know for sure you are going to stick with breastfeeding before you spend a ton of money on a pump. With my DD I breastfed for about 3-4 weeks and then stopped. I barely used my almost $300 pump. I do plan on giving it another try this time around.

    If I could go back, I would have waited (maybe tried an inexpensive manual pump) before investing.

    If you know for sure you are going to do this, and are okay with investing that much money, an electric double pump is well worth the money. I have to go back to work full time, and I don't have time to not have a double pump.

    Everyone's situation is different, so you just have to look at your needs. Keep in mind you can always rent from a hospital for a month or so to see what you think before you buy one! :)

    Best of luck to you!


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  • If you don't know if your insurance company covers a breast pump or not, the Breast Pump Solutions Program with National Rehab through Babies R Us has a phone number to call and assist you through the process. Website: https://www.toysrus.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=22729026

    A girlfriend of mine had a baby a few months back and passed that website along to me. She said they helped her find out which breast pump(s) her insurance covered and shipped the one she chose to her free of charge.

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    I also got a Medela double electric covered through my insurance. Check with yours and see.

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  • Look to see what your insurance covers first.  I need a new one since my old one is shot- so i called my insurance company before i went and bought one.

    Mine will cover a pump- but i have to hit my deductible first, and I need to have a prescription from my doctor.   So after the baby is born, my doc will write a prescription and then i will send my hubby down to the medical supply store and have him pick it up.

    If you need one at the hospital to help get your supply going then they have ones you can use and try there.

    I would 100% recommend a double electic if you plan on pumping quite a bit or if you are planning on going back to work.

    I also have single manual one as well- i kept  that one in the car- for emergency purposes - like i forgot my pump at home, or i forgot one of the pieces and couldn't pump at work (there are a lot of pieces to keep track of) or whatever.  I also used my single manual when i was over full and i needed to release a bit before nursing my son.


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  • My insurance company doesn't cover them but was lucky enough to score a great deal and get the Medela double electric brand new still in an unopened box for $100 from a resale site on FB. I figured might as well get it. I would definitely check through insurance to see if they cover it. As far as I know electric is just more efficient than using a manual. Even if I don't or can't breastfeed with this one, I'll keep it for the next time around. 
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  • Ask your doctor if your insurance will pay for one. In Fl there is a new law that has insurance companies paying for a double electric Modella and mailing it to me after baby is born.
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  • Thankyou everyone! This is all great advice! I had no idea that insurance might cover one, so i am definitely looking into that! :)
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